How many hours a day and days a week do you knit?

I knit everyday but not many hours a day. I get distracted so easily especially if the pattern is boring so I usually get in a few rows at a time :slight_smile:

Uhh… I don’t usually knit every day as I’ve been on a reading binge for quite awhile. I go to a knitting group on Tuesday and Friday though and and knit for about 3 hours each time so that brings up he average. :teehee:

Also I’m knitting a baby blanket for display at my yarn store so I’m knitting a bit more than usual.

I try for an hour in the morning and an hour at night. It doesn’t always work but I pretty much knit every day.

Jan, I hope we get to see the baby blanket!

I knit pretty much every day intermittently. I am pretty busy so it is hard to do it for long periods of time.

I knit for a couple of hours through out the day or evening .

I have two young boys and they have a puppy so I’m lucky if I get to knit a few times a week ! When I do get to knit it is after they are in bed, the dog is walked, kitchen cleaned-up etc so I don’t get very far very fast with my knitting.

2 hours on a good day, but only if my ‘chores’ are done and i’ve got good lighting - amazing how many colors are better for daytime/natural light.

Sure, I’ll post it when I’m done!

X, absolutely! I can only use really dark colors in bright light or outside light. I rarely knit with black even though I like it.

I knit around a couple hours a day.

I try to knit a couple of hours several times each week. The only time I never knit is when I feel sick with a bad cold or the flu.

Not near as much as I’d like. My schedule is so hectic I usually do most knitting in the winter when the weather is too bad to do anything else.

I keep hoping that someday I will retire and have time to do it whenever I want!

Sunday afternoon with chocolate and a good film! :happydance:

Not very often. :pout:

Not at all right now since I’m currently crocheting an infinity scarf, and even that I’m only working on once or twice a week, for about an hour and half each time (daughter’s weekly dance practices and her twice-a-month scout meetings.) I carry it around with me but don’t often get opportunities to work on it.

Crocheting is a little easier[I] for me[/I] as on-the-go than knitting since I can stop immediately when whatever activity I’m waiting for is over – I don’t have to work to the end of the row. :wink:

I just started knitting, I learned some of the basics when I was much younger. I started a project couple of years ago and picked it up again recently. But forgot where I actually was on it, and took it out.
So just before Christmas I started a cute Ruby Bear. It took me forever to do the body because I am not good a fixing lost stitches. So I fixed the body holes from the inside of the Bear. I was not pleased at all with my work so I set the body aside. I was determined to do a good job on the head, kept starting over and over on the head fom losing st. Finally I set the project aside so I could crochet some animal toys for my 1 year old nephew for christmas.

Kare-Bear (Nickname) Registered Nurse

As many as possible. I try to knit some every day, but sometimes life gets in the way.

if I’m working on a project (like now) - i knit every free moment I have (usually 1-2 hrs after work, more on the weekends). But I do take breaks between projects to do other things like catching up with reading, manga…etc and such. I can’t multitask my free time too well :eyes: