How many addi circulars can a Knitpicks optional case hold?

I saw they having the case with 6 pockets for $19.95. It looks great but how many addi turbos can it hold? Say I buy extra pockets and stick in like 30something addis…

:thinking: :?? hmmmm, I don’t know, depends on how you like to store your needles, I think. For example, I have all of my addis still in their original packaging. Were it me, I would store all lengths of each size in the singular pocket. For example, I would put all of my size 8 addis in one large pocket…I have these lengths: 12", 16", 24", 32"…I think these would store nicely, but more, IMHO, would get tangled :wink:

I agree with rebecca. But i think that 4 of the pages that come with the binder would be kinda useless to you. at least the 2 pages that have 3 pouches. You can probably buy a couple extra of the undivided pages and use those.

Here. I tried some things out.

the image on the left has size 5 and 6 16" circs in it. I only have one set of addis so i can’t tell, but my longer lengths of circs wouldn’t fit in the split pouch because the needles were too long to fit.

the image on the right has 4 different circs in it. different sizes and lengths. i can definitely see tangling being an issue. When i try to get out one pair, they all come with it.

ya know i just got my first patternworks catalog today and there were knitting pouches in there…here they are…says they can go into a three ring binder. is this something like what you are looking for?

:thumbsup: This is exactly what I had been looking for, pockets that fits in a standard size folder. Thanks ! Now I just have to find a nice 2-3 inch thick light-weight nylon or leather binder with a zipper.

Thanks everyone for the help !

It’s against my nature to buy things at a full price :frowning:

I think I found a good substitution- I bought a 3 ring binder from office depot and a bunch of zippered pencil pockets ~ the clear plastic kind. They can hold several circs in each pocket or dpns ~ although I do have a seperate pocket for each needle. The pockets were .49 each and the binder was $2.49 - so I spent less than $8 (binder plus 10 pockets) and have a great place to store my needles. I also added alphabet tabs in the back, hole punched all of my loose printed patterns from everywhere under the sun and stuck those in the back. I think to make it more knitterly, I might put yarn labels in the clear pockets on the front, side & back of the binder.

Can you provide a photo please ? :oops:

SKNYC- Here you go! Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. the binder is a 3" ring binder and the pockets are almost the same length as the binder. They will be able to hold multiple needles, but right now, I only have one of each kind in each pocket.

Very celever! Thanks for sharing !

I saw some zippered 3-ring binders at Wal-mart. They were canvas and ~$10. They also had lots of pockets in assorted sizes which would be great for your other notions.

Speaking of circular storage, I thought this was nifty.