How Long's Would You Make It?

Hello my fellow knitta’s!:waving:
I’m sort of “free Knitting” a baby blanket. I did c/o enough stitches to make it 30" wide. My dilemma is I’m not sure when to stop knitting! How long should I make it? I’m at about 24" right now. What do you think? How long would you make it?

can you find out how big a receiving blanket is? that’s probably when i would stop.

My favorite sized baby blankets were 36x36, but smaller can be good for car seats and strollers.

I like them square. So I’d go to 30".

Till the yarn runs out? :shrug:

Now or up to 30", depends when you run out of yarn, or get tired of working on it.

Thanks everyone! I think I like it squared too. I’m going to stop at 30". I did however use up the yarn:pout:
Hoping I have another skien!:pray:

FOUND ONE!!! Phew!!!:thud:I almost had a heart attack! I have one more skein left! I remember now I bought an extra skein “just in case”! Giving it as a gift soon. Got to concentrate, must finish! :wall: