How long will this take?

I’m knitting a 50" scarf. I casted on 35 stitches. It’s a simple pattern of knit 7, purl 7 across the first row and opposite the next. I’m working with worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles. I started this project mid afternoon yesterday(11/28) and have knit 40 rows so far. Was just curious if anyone could estimate how long it’ll take me to finish since I’m on a deadline. Also I pretty much have all the free time in the world to knit since I run an etsy shop for my income.

When you start to knit set a timer for like 15 minutes and see how many rows you can knit in that time period. If you can knit 6 rows in 15 minutes, then you should be able to get 24 rows done in an hour. If 24 rows equals 3 inches you should see it grow by that measurement every hour. Then divide 50 inches by the hourly rate and that should give you a rough estimate of the time needle to finish the scarf.