How long will this take to knit?

Hi all!

I plan to knit a blanket in garter stitch using 7 skeins of Manos del Uruguay Maxima on size 10 circular needles. The final size should be 35"x44" … All solid color, no pattern changes.

I’m a pretty quick knitter, but I work on projects here and there and have never really kept track of how long anything takes me to make…

In your experience, roughly how many hours would you expect to knit up a blanket with those specs?


You know, I’ve never really kept track either. Usually it takes me 4-6 weeks to knit a sweater but that’s only working a couple of hours a day on it.

A very rough guess for me would be 30 hours (about 2 weeks at ~2 hours/day)?

Makes sense - thank you! :slight_smile: