How long should this neck warmer be?

Hi. I’m knitting a tubular neck warmer for a friend. She’s a relatively small adult and says that she wants to be able to pull it up to cover her nose when it’s cold and also to fold it down so it just covers her neck. Taking into account all the bending, shrinking, stretching etc., how long should I make this? It’s currently 7 inches long.

Thanks in advance

Is she near by that she can try it on before you bind off? You might need to put it on a long needle or waste yarn first.

I’d probably make it a little longer, 8-10".

Hum. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier. I hope to have it done by this Saturday, which is the next time I’ll see her, but I’ll definitely try it on myself beforehand. I always neglected to do so with such projects, fearing that I would warp my needles or stab myself in the eye if I tried poking my head through it while the needles were still on it.