How long should I make my dpn's (sz 11)?

I want to get started on a Kitty Pi Bed . First I need to
make a set of dpn’s in US size 11, but I’m not sure how
long I should make them. Can anyone advise me? :??

1 just made mine 10.5 about 8". i just asked this question thur. and was told it depends on the project.

i just made some 10.5 about 8 in. i asked on thrus and Silver said she’s seen them 7, 9, and 10.

Thanks, Carmel. My dowel rod is 36", and I just couldn’t decide if I should try and squeeze 5 out of it (at 7" each), or only 4, a little shorter in length. I’ve only ever used dpn’s one one time, on my first socks. They were a much smaller needle size, though. I didn’t know if that should make much difference in the length required.

here they r! i think i’m going to stain themto make them pretty

you’re welcome