How long have you knit?

Thank you! :slight_smile: I have many questions that would fit under the categories on this forum. How long have you knitted?

@magdaleneknitter I started knitting in October 2005…so 11 yrs I guess. I’m 63 now so I’m a late starter. :wink:

Hi, I was taught to knit by my mam and gran when I was 5 or 6 years old. I didn’t make much except for mess,back then, but by 12 or so I could make simple jumpers really well. Oddly though,after having children, I only knitted for them until they were 8 or thereabouts and then there was a long gap until they’d all grown up and started their own families, when my needles were brought out again for the grandchildren. I’ve been knitting all sorts of things constantly since then (2003) but nowadays I’m more interested in learning new techniques,new for me that is.I’m teaching myself brioche knitting at the mo’ :smile:

I am 36, and I started in January 2015, which was last year, so you are not alone in being a late starter. I fulfilled a dream of learning to knit I have had since I was seven, and tried to teach myself to knit, but was not successful at it, when I learned last year. I have been knitting since then, and I love it.

I tried to teach myself to knit when I was seven, but failed at it then because I did not know what dropping the stitch meant, and could only do the cast-on. Learning to drop the stitch was part of my learning to knit when I finally learned how last year. I know how to knit dishcloths, and have taught myself to knit at least one sock (I am knitting the other right now), and have taught myself through knitting videos (on YouTube and some on here) the long tail cast on, and some other knitting techniques, such as ssk (slip-slip-knit). I have also learned psso (pass slipped stitch over) from a sock knitting class I took, where I first learned to knit socks, but was unsuccessful at completing socks from the pattern I was given.

I have heard of brioche knitting, and would like to try it someday myself. How are you doing on teaching yourself to do it?

I have also knitted for family, in my case my aunts and female cousin; I knitted dishcloths as holiday gifts for them for their kitchens, so I am familiar with that aspect of knitting.

I also knit dishcloths for craft shows in my area, and am thinking of knitting cat toys to sell at them too.

Good luck with learning brioche knitting! :smile:

This is as far as I’ve got today.I also use YouTube for most of my knitting queries nowadays,it’s a wonderful tool and how AWESOME are you teaching yourself how to knit from there!! Incredibly WELL DONE :grin:

That is beautiful! :smile: YouTube is a great resource for learning to knit, no matter if you are just starting, or are an experienced knitter. I have taught myself to knit some from there as I mentioned, but I have also learned at my local knitting circle, and I learned the basics of knitting socks at a sock knitting class.

By the way, is that the brioche? Or something else you are knitting?

Thank you, yes it is :slight_smile:
I’m not a great fan of sock knitting lol,I have 2 different socks on dpns from months ago just sitting there in my (ever increasing) wip pile. One day maybe (but no time soon :smile_cat:)

Your brioche looks great. It is hard to master sock knitting when you first do it; you need a simple, easy sock pattern to help you learn how to do it. If you get a hard sock pattern, you will have a hard time learning how to knit socks. I learned this from personal experience.

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