How long have you been knitting?

How long have you been knitting?


The summer of 1999 was a magical summer! I had this rather random thought that I wanted a new hobby. Knitting was the first thing that came to my mind. I knew less than nothing about knitting and I did not know anyone who knew how, or so I thought.

So with my new brilliant idea for a hobby, I took a field trip to the yarn isle of AC Moore. I found this beautifully expensive “Learn to Knit” book complete with color photos, etc etc. I then embarked on the yarn and needle mission; I turned my then craftless bones around and saw … TOO MANY CHOICES!! Just as if scripted, a lady walked down the isle methodically picking this and picking that, looking oh so knowledgeable. I asked her, “I want to knit and I picked up this book. Where else do I begin?” She smiled and gentally took the beautifully expensive book from my grip and said, “You don’t need that book. This book will do just fine.” She gave a small book to me, one that cost about 80% less than the one I’d chosen and it also included crochet instructions. After she gave the book to me, she picked up some needles, hooks, and yarn and sent me on my merry way. I proudly carried the tools for my hobby to the register and spent a wopping $15 (approximately). I would have spent dozens more if left to my own devices. :slight_smile:

At home, I settled in for some quality exploration time. After reading the little book cover to cover and decided to try crochet first. I spent some time with that and said … ok … onward to KNITTING!! Well, I had the slip knot under control from the crochet lessons. BUT cast on did not work so well. I was determined and would not give up. I took my new hobby to work to try to figure it out at lunch. A co-worker noticed my perplexed face and approached. I told her my story and how I couldn’t figure out the picture for cast on. Unbeknownst to me, she’d been knitting her whole life. So perhaps she found my predicament amusing :slight_smile: Anyhoo … she showed me how to cast on, knit, and purl. From there, I took off and the little book made more sense to me. That little book taught me bind off, inc, dec, yo and the rest is history!!!

You might be asking, “What happened to crochet?” Well, for a time, I knitted and crocheted, but my crochet works never looked as good as my knitted works. My crochet guage was always fickle and my turns always looked horrible. For some reason, I find it difficult to count crochet stitches. I suspect that’s why the AC Moore lady gave me the tools for both, so that I can discover for myself which I like best. In a nutshell, I know how to crochet, but I’m a knitter at heart.


i said 5-20, but really it has been about 6.5 years. i learned when i was pregnant with my second daughter and i actually went into labor at my first knitting group! i am within the last year or so, becoming more experimental and pretty much knitting something all the time.

I associate Knitting with Feminism because knitting was part of my first feminist act. In 1990 I was working in a bookstore that operated in a discount warehouse style. It was originally a supplier to schools and libraries that needed books by the pallet full so the books were shelved by publisher and then title because that’s the way books come from the publisher. When they arrived in the store, we’d just rip the top off and put stacks of them out on the floor. School librarians would come by and scoop them up by the handful.
By the 80’s word had spread about this funky place to buy books at twenty percent off, but shopping by publisher was confusing to some. So the store stared making subject shelves, with everything from car repair to antiques. Some of the women I worked with got together and started reading feminist text and women who came into the store looking for this genre were passed on to us. We had to show these women around to different shelves throughout the store because there was no women’s studies shelf. After a while we started questioning this practice and asked the management for a women’s studies shelf. They adamantly refused saying it wasn’t necessary. If women had to search all over the store (which was as big as Powell’s) then that was their problem.
The like minded feminist women at the store would gather on weekend afternoons, sipping tea, eating yummy treats and eventually knitting. Most of us were younger, feistier and ready for violence if our demands were not met. But Melinda, much older than us with a son our own age, was always knitting and her work was proudly displayed on him while he worked in the shipping area. We all became interested in her knitting, which seemed to foster her focus, concentration and deep thought at these meetings. So we wanted to learn this skill too.
We started to bring our needles into the store with us and ask her to show us some complicated stitch or configuration but one or two of the managers would come up to us and tell us not to knit in the store. The manager of the store had forbidden us to “talk shop” on company time, even though he and the fellas argued about baseball scores all through the day. “Put that away, you’re taking up valuable work time,” they would scoff at us. We saw red but kept up our knitting sessions, deferring to Melinda and her calm wisdom of working toward a resolution. Her lesson in restraint paid off. We developed a plan: We would go to the management as a group. They could refuse each of us individually but not standing together as a group. And of course it worked. We got our shelf.
I have been knitting and plotting revolution ever since.

FeministMama, What a story! I’m glad it had a happy ending.

Amigarabita, I can’t believe you went into labor during your first knitting group! That’s awesome.

ekgheiy, I used to crochet more than I knit, because I found it easier as a child. More intuitive to me. For instance, no one had to show me how to pick up stitches along the side of the work with crochet–it’s just so intuitive, because you’re so used to picking up stitches as you go anyway!

But now I’m definitely a knitter at heart. I just like the way knitting looks more, and I feel more accomplished, for some reason, when I’ve made something I like in knitting. I guess because it’s harder! (At least to me it is!)


I’ve been knitting for a grand total of 1 week now. I did try crochet first, years ago, but I never could get the hang of it. Knitting seems to be alot easier for me, and I really don’t know why. I do know that it’s a whole lot of fun.

I taught myself when my first baby was born. I was just 17 and determined to knit him a cardigan. Obviously, my first attempt wasn’t up to much and my Nan made some sarcastic comments about it but I kept on trying and, well… I’ve never looked back.


I have been knitting for 25 years,when my dad died i lived in a childrens
home and one of the ladies called Helen taught me to knit and i have been
doing it since,it keeps me relaxed as i suffer from depression (due to noisy
neighbours).I dont know what i would do without my knitting. :XX:

I learned how to knit from my friends mother when I was about 9. The only thing she taught me was the knit stitch and the backward loop co. I loved it from the start. I didn’t have much access to materials, so I went through long periods of no knitting, with binges in between.

Every Barbie doll I owned had clothes, every boyfriend I every had as a teenager had a scarf, as well as other friend’s gifts. When my children were arriving and small I knit for them. But then, with the hectic lifestyle of having 3 small children, etc. I got out of it except for the occasional gift. All has been self-taught from books and trial and error.

My grandson came home from his dad’s with a sweater made my his great-grandmother, about three years ago. I told him I could knit, too. He asked me to make him one, and then it was two, then for his brother, and I don’t think I’ve gone a day without knitting since. Sometimes he says he’s sorry he asked me for a sweater because I insist on the “best” seat on the couch and now I spend too much time on the computer.

But boy, I showed that great-grandma a thing or two! :roflhard:

I posted that I am a beginner. Actually my grandma taught me to knit and purl 25 years ago, but she would always cast on for me so I only knew the stitiches.

I had a hysterectomy in March and I had 6 weeks at home to re-coop. I decided that I would try to learn knitting again. I could do that while parked on the couch. I took a class at AC Moore and I have been hooked ever since. My DH says I am knitting obsessed. :wink: That may be, but I am glad that I had all of the time to practice, practice, practice. I can’t tell you how many times I would cast on, rip it out, do it again. Then I moved to knitting swatches, ripping them out and doing it again. Finally I moved to dishclothes and finished 3 for my mom and 3 for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. I know that if I had been working I wouldn’t have the time or the energy to do all of that practicing.

I have completed a baby blanket, two hats, 3 scarves, 3 more dishcloths, one felted bag, one sock (I am working on the other :wink: ), 6 out of 24 squares to an afghan, and I have 1/4 of a sweater vest completed for a Christmas present.


WOW! It’s so cool that we have such a vast array of experience on KH!

I learned to knit a year and a half ago from a friend (who learned to knit from a kids book). We did LOTS of gartar stitch projects, formed an informal S&B with some other young hip knitter teachers, and then I became competative and decided that since she taught me, I had to learn how to do everything else before she did :lol: So I did!

since last December.

Its hard to believe how much Ive learned in 7 months! Thanks, you guys!

:smiley: It’s wonderful and fun to hear so many different stories about knitting. As of last month I have been knitting for 1 year. I am 46 & have been disabled for many, many years do to many things resulting from a car wreck and one thing after another…leaving me in a world of pretty much constant pain & having to stay around the house & spend a lot of time in bed…YES…I WAS GOING CRAZY; u can only watch so much TV & movies over the years…lol! After my last child had left home I really became stir crazy. One evening my husband & I were talking & I mentioned that I thought I might want to learn to knit. Well, wonderful man that he is, came home the next day telling me he had looked at ‘Joann’s Crafts’ for a knitting kit for me & they had nothing; he then took me to Michaels & got a ‘Learn to Knit’ kit that is distributed by Lionbrand & Boye & I grabbed some yarn & started practicing & have been pretty much knitting every since my wonder, sweet DH decided that he was going to help me learn to knit :wink: . I am living proof that knitting is a form of therapy, indeed, I am busy knitting & don’t think about the pain & have even been able to reduce the amt. of pain meds that I have to take. My doctor was astonished that I did not end up in the hospital over the winter and during a period of time over the past couple of months due to a couple of incidents (partial hip dislocation)…but, as I told him Prayer and knitting helped keep me out of the hospital when in the past I usually spend 2 or 3 visits to hospital for pain control due to my disability…Praise God that I’ve not been in the hospital in the past year…as I said…thanks to PRAYER AND KNITTING!!! You can’t ask for better therapy than that!! I’ve since told my doc (Of course) about the Therapeutic qualities of knitting & hobbies in general, of which he was already aware and recommends to other patients. fyi, this is a dr. that specializes in pain control & his patients need all the help they can get and they see (and ask about) me knitting once a month in the doctor’s office & I share how it’s helped me & hopefully will help another…whew…long story, I’m done :waving:

I was taught to knit when I was 13 by my Aunt Vi. I never took off with it, because she lived in Pennsylvania and I lived in Florida and she could not show me what to do.

I decided a year ago that I was going to re-learn. This past January, I started and completed my first project, a scarf that was a birthday gift (wiat, I think there may be a pattern here) and just finished my 6th project. I noticed I am getting quicker, but don’t get to knit every day.

i thought you were a pro!!! :oo: you’re a newbie too!!! :balloons: :XX:

i’ve been knitting for 4 months… just deciced to after i was surfin the web and came across the felted tote and wanted one as a baby bag… haven’t finished anything else but i did finish the bad… would show u a pic but i don’t have a digital camara… :frowning: maybe i can barrow my dads…

I have been an avid/addicted crocheter for about 30 years actually now that I think of it… wow…
Over the past few years, I’ve picked up knitting and attempted it several times, only to get frustrated and put the TWO needles away and pick back up my friendly ONE HOOK…
Over and Over again, Id try and just could not coordinate two needles and holding yarn in the ‘other hand’…
Well , then one day I was just searching through crochet e-groups and found one called “knitting with a crochet hook”… This I HADDA SEE.
And sure enough “amazing needle” does let you do that. So I was off, knitting the dishcloths I so loved and could never make myself.
Well this little jaunt into this tool made me more determined than ever to not be beaten by TWO NEEDLES! And now having a little better idea of ‘how’ stitchs worked and looked, I tried again… Again no luck. Back to my amazing needle and my ever faithful crochet.
Then I happen to be watching a knitting show on DIY network and saw someone knitting while holding the yarn in their left hand!! JUST LIKE I did in crochet! and it looked SOOO much easier to me as a crocheter.
The lady explained it was “Continental”… And onto the internet I went!!
and guess what I found :wink: with the most amazing videos and Gasp she did continental!!!
It’s been about 3 months now. Ive knit my favorite dishcloths with real knitting needles! Ive made baby soakers and am still working on that ding-dang raglan sweater!
For me as a crocheter , continental was SOO much easier!
And thanks to this site, I can knit! :wink:

And while I was going through all this, my 20 year old daughter decided she too would teach herself to knit :wink: she already crocheted and she prefers the ‘throwing’ method. Go figure :wink:

Something weird about knitting though… It’s addicting…No one warned me!!

aka Kath


When I was about 10, I bought a book and tried to teach myself to knit. I managed about a 6" by 4" piece that took forever and was very difficult. I decided that I was doing it wrong and quit.

Then, about 20 years later, I took a class and learned to hold my yarn in my left hand. I put it down. When my parent became ill, I started knitting again in order to have something to do while sitting in waiting rooms. I’ve been knitting every since. :mrgreen:

Now when I look back at my attempt at teaching myself, I know that I was a very very tight knitter but was doing fine. Ohhhh the lost years of knitting. :doh:

I started knitting in November of last year, about the time I figured out that I had nowhere near enough money to get presents for everyone in my constantly expanding family.
I saw a cute pair of knitted Mary Janes at Wallyworld, and, independent minded person that I am, decided that rather than pay WalMart to make them for me, I would learn how to knit and make every female in my family a pair for Christmas.
I never did figure out how to make those exact slippers (I think they must have used a knitting machine or something), but every female in my family got something knitted (or crocheted - I had to switch to something a little faster when I started running out of time!) that Christmas, and my boys started begging for some, too - which I have yet to make, because I was sooo sick of slippers! But they each got a knitted hat and mitten set, my BIL got gloves, and my husband is getting his first knitted gift, a tush-cushion cover. I haven’t made anything for myself yet, but I have plenty of time… although with at least 3 people in my circle expecting, it may have to wait until after I’m done w/all the baby blankets and outfits I’ve got my eye on…