How Long Have You Been Knitting?

June marked my 1st-year "Knit"versary. I knitted my first (actually my only) scarf on the way to a soccer tournament in Arkansas. I met a very nice lady at our hotel (parent of a soccer player from a different team). She had been knitting for years and really encouraged me. I was still new and a bit embarrassed to KIP.

I’ve come a looooonnnnnggggg way since then…thanks to all of you! :muah:

Anyhow, my personal reflections led me to wonder how long y’all have been knitting?

I’ve been knitting for 20 years now (i started early, at the age of about 6, thanks to my grandma). I have lots of FO’s that include scarves, tanks and vests, but all of them are simple and freestyle, not a pattern. Only recently, after i’ve discovered KH, i realized the potential in knitting and got it organized. Originally, i started from crochet and knit my dolls stuff, but now i don’t like it anymore… I will get settled and post my old FO’s when i’ll find them :rofling:

Summer 2004 I picked up my first pair of needles and yarn–so I guess I’m celebrating my 3rd year! I’m still such a novice–purling gives me a hard time, so I just knit stitch everything. Scarves are my specialty, baby bibs/burp cloths and baby blankets. I’m a big chicken when it comes to sweaters, detailed patterns and socks!

I started Nov. 1, 2006, and I joined kh on the 6th. when i started, there were so many things i expected to take forever to learn, but now i have figured out that i can pretty much do anythng i have the guts to try. that is thanks to this site and these people.

A bit longer than three years for me. I have ventured into the world of socks, cardigans, baby clothes, tank tops…

For me? Third week of september 2006. I was bored on a friday after my afternoon classes and decided to walk over to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn and needles. I’ve been hooked ever since :slight_smile:

I dived right in on November 6, 2004. The only reason I know the date is because I blogged about it the same day. :slight_smile: I joined KH a month later. So it’s been about two and a half years.


Well I learned a bit back when I was a kid but I never learned to even bind off so I have never finished a thing. Then four months ago I moved to MN and decided to go to knit group from church to make friends. Since then I have made the ugliest scarf on the planet. A trio of slippers because I messed up one and needed a third. Now I am working on my first sweater and first felted bag. I too find that between my lys and this site just about everything is doable. Of course the lace project in the wings could be my undoing.:rofling:

I think it’s been about 5-6 yrs. I went to AC Moore and bought a pamphlet called “I can’t believe I’m knitting!” I taught my self how to knit and purl-nothing else. For years I would knit long strips of yarn and then rip it out over and over and over again. A year ago we had a LYS open up and I walked in… Since March of '06 I’ve been an addict. I try to pick projects that help me learn something new. Increases, decreases, cables, twist stiches etc. I made a complicated sweater over the fall and into winter. (complicated for me)

Anyway, I’m so addicted I can’t imagine my life w/ out knitting!

Well, since I have an LJ, I can answer this exactly. I’ve been knitting since September 25, 2004. :slight_smile: It seems like I’ve been knitting forever, though. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s been a sanity saver and a relaxation method and just a wonderful thing in my life. I’m glad I have it.

I’ve only been knitting seriously for the past two years. I was taught by my mother how to crochet as a child and enjoyed that at the time.:inlove:

I do not remember who or how I learned how to knit.:shrug: But only the past two years have I really LOVED knitting and advancing at it. I prefer knitting to crochet and I LOVE all my knitting books.:inlove:

I’ve been knitting since Christmas of 2006, so it’s been about half a year for me. I’ve done several scarves and hats, an afghan, a couple ponchos, a felted music note bag, and I’m nearly finished with my first pair of socks. :smiley:
I learned it all from KH and you all have gotten me through some pretty tough situations. I have to admit - I think I’m addicted to knitting!

I learned to knit during the Kennedy Administration.:rofling: I was about 9 and my friend’s mother taught me to do the knit stitch. I got a booklet and learned the other basics from that.

I haven’t knit continuously since then, but periodically throughout my life. I’ve been knitting daily for about the last 3 years.

For me there’s a big difference between knowing how to knit vs. being an obsessed knitter.

I checked this in my diary, I’ve been knitting 18 months! I thought it was longer. My first project was a scarf then a small bag then I dove straight in with the dressing gown! Talk about jumping in at the deep end!

I celebrated my 1 year “knitiversay” in May … I :heart: my knitting … it has been a pleasurable thing to do to keep my fingers busy, my mind creative and my hands out of the refrigerator~! :happydance:
It has been a lifesaver, sanity saver, and just good ol clean fun…
I am crocheting TOO now and I love it too…:thumbsup:

I started learning in December so only a few months for me.

I don’t really remember the exact date (:oops:), but I do know that I first picked up the needles in Summer of 2001, so about 6 years. A friend’s grandmother had taught me to crochet, and I wanted to knit, so I went to Wal*Mart, and I got a book, [I]I Taught Myself Knitting[/I], from Wrights, some Red Heart (:ick:) in a country blue color, and another skein in white. I knitted a striped scarf that was about 3 feet long, and I actually gave it to my aunt for Christmas. After that, I started a lot of scarves, but never finished them, and then I let it go for a few months. Then, I was at a high-end yarn store in Jackson, and I got a pair of 24" Addi Turbos, some old unmarked undyed, unbleached cream wool, and a pattern for a plain sweater. I never really knit the sweater, but, rather, an in the round raglan, that was horrible.

After that, I bought [I]The Sweater Workshop[/I] by Jacqueline Fee, and some books by EZ. Designed a sweater with a v-neck, in that cream wool, knit that, and that got me on the road to where I am today. My knitting attitude is, try anything, what have you got to lose?

Sorry, I completely went off the point of the question there, but…

1 1/2 years for me. I taught myself to knit with cheap plastic needles from Joann. After I got the hang of it in a couple of days, I returned the needles and got some double pointed needles for socks.

I’ve been knitting since April 2005 and absolutely love it! I’ve come a long way–but have a long way to go. I never thought I’d learn to knit, let alone make something, but with the help of, I’ve made dishcloths, slippers, mittens, gloves, socks, vests, baby booties and now, on to sweaters. I tend to stay away from seaming–don’t know exactly why–I tend to get overwhelmed at the thoughts of seaming. Maybe, eventually, I’ll overcome this fear.


I started knitting at around the first of the year.