How long does knitting something take?

Well, hi to everyone out there first of all as I am the newcomer.
Now, my question is that if there is a way to estimate the time takes to knit, for example, a medium sized woman pullover with a gauge of 15 sts for 10 cm/4" in stockinette stich? And on from this point, like, how much it takes to knit a 6" wide 50" long scarf in garter stich and gauge and yarn and so… :shrug:

Well…it all depends on your personal knitting speed. If you don’t mind doing some math, knit a swatch for the intended project and see how long it takes you. Then multiply to get a rough estimate of total time. Of course then you have to factor in how much starting/stopping slows you down, complexity of the pattern, etc.

Or you could just wait a while…after you do a few projects you’ll begin to develop a sense of how long something might take you.

I agree with Kemp.
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Here is my general rules of thumb on knitting:

  1. If I think it will take a lot time, I usually finish quite quickly.
  2. If I think it will take a short time, it usually takes weeks.
  3. If I think it is hard, it turns out easy.
  4. If I think it is easy, it turns out hard.
    so, 5) I just start and go with the flow.



Or you could use the database design time estimate approach:

  1. Determine what tables, forms, queries, etc. required.
  2. Estimate the time to build each and total.
  3. Multiply the total estimated time by 10. This is your REAL time estimate.


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I totally agree on that.

For me it also depends on how interesting the pattern is. The really easy patterns are quite boring, so I ususally stop those after a couple of rows, which causes it to take a really long time. Just start knitting and don’t worry on when you’ll manage to finish it.

also, welcome here.

It also depends on what else you have on the needles at the same time! If you’re a one-project-at-a-time knitter, then you will finish quickly… if you’re like me and have 10 things going at once, they all will take a reeeeeeeeeeally long time.

Welcome to KH!

‘:woohoo:’ Thank you all for the attention, I wonder why I haven’t join the forum long before. I agree with the idea knittting the swatch and keeping the time is the best way and I will absolutely try it at home 'xxx’
Well I realised that I havent put this here before, so you can see how a lazy knitter/blogger I am…