How long can you knit?

I was wondering what the average length of time is for knitting without getting tired. I find I can onlly knit for about 45 minutes to an hour and then I have to stop. I would like to go longer but I find I get tired easily.

  1. if the pattern is mindless, I can go for a while BUT it makes me sleepy. 30-40 minutes?

  2. if the pattern requires attention, I have to knit in short spurts or I’ll start making errors.

But either way, I tend to pick it up again relatively soon. I hate sitting still and doing nothing.

It’s good to take a break and not knit continuously for hours. If you don’t stop and move around every little bit, you can end up with tendonitis or an RSI.

When i’m doing mindless knitting in front of the TV time flies. I can get through several shows before stopping.

With difficult patterns though I can only work for about half an hour before I need a break, like Boo1 said, i’ll start messing up.

I take frequent breaks. I tend to knit in relatively short spurts, usually 10 - 15 minutes at a time and then set it down for a couple of minutes to allow my tendons and fingers a break. Avoids the risk of repetitive motion problems.

If puppies are sleeping and the hubby is occupied I can knit for a couple of hours. I typically have more than one project going at a time so I can go for an hour or so on a prayer shawl (somewhat mindless) and then switch to my Irish Hiking Scarf (more counting) for 30-45 min. I did knit on/off for an 8 hr car ride to and from NY for Christmas.
I have noticed as I get more comfortable knitting I can go for longer periods of time.

About 6 hours. And then after a short break, 6 more hours. Gosh, why does my body hurt all over? I have had a lot of time off over the holidays, so I have been knitting a lot and my pecs hurt! I wish that meant they were getting buff.

if i’m watching a movie and the pattern is mindless, then as long as the movie is (last one was 2 hours)… same goes for car trips where dh is driving (i make him nervous when i knit in the car LOL)

if it’s a complicated pattern, until i get frustrated with it or keep making the same mistake and then i set it down, grab a drink, stretch, etc…

I try to force myself to stop about once every hour to stretch out and walk around a bit. This way I prevent repetitive motion troubles. It does not have to be for long, a couple of minutes will do and then back to the knotting I go. Having said that, when I am marathon knitting, I have been known to sit and knit for 8 hours at a stretch if I am trying to meet a deadline. I DO NOT advise this!

I go for several hours at a time. I’m learning to take breaks though, becuase in the past couple weeks, I’ve started knitting so tightly and keeping such a death grip on my needles that my right ring finger actually goes numb…
And I’m only 20. So I’m really learning to take breaks and also try and loosen my hold.

I’ve been knitting today for 7 hours straight, I take a break about once an hour to get a drink, check my email or stretch. I could knit all day and night if I had nothing else to do.

I can knit for a long time if I had nothing else to do. I tend to be one of those people that tells themselves, “Ok, I’ll stop when I get to this point in the pattern.” Then once I get there, it’s like, “Well, since I’m this far, I’ll just knit to this part of the pattern since it’s not that much to get there.” It goes on and on like this. I do this with a lot of areas in my life, though…:aww:

I have had a lot of time off over the holidays, so I have been knitting a lot and my pecs hurt! I wish that meant they were getting buff.

Yikes no. They’re getting too contracted which means pretty soon you’ll get a burning sensation between your shoulder blades. To stretch out your pecs, stand in a doorway with your arms out and bent up at the elbows, forearms resting on the doorjamb. Lean your body through the doorway and hold it a minute and feel the pecs stretch. Another one that feels good is to lie on floor, put your arms out to the side and bend your elbows like above. They should look like this - |0| Hold it there and relax a couple minutes. You get even more stretch if your head, neck and upper shoulders are on a folded towel or blanket so your arms can drop down to the floor more.

Suzeeq, I’ve been doing that stretch (shoulda started BEFORE it started hurting though!) Also, DH offered to massage them which actually really helped, even though I don’t think that was his main concern :roflhard:

A good rub never hurts anyone! :wink:

ROFLOL-sounds like my hubby’s idea of helping :teehee:

It’s because I have nothing else to do that I can go for so long - I wake at about 10am, and knit solid from then til about 10pm. Once I start my home learning it’ll change, obviously, but for now I’m just keeping myself occupied.

I can knit longer with bigger needles - but small needles for socks - I can only do about 15 minute spurts. I have nerve damage in my shoulder that affects my hands so I wish I could knit longer than I do. Oh well - small doses are better than no doses!

i worry about the same thing! sometimes after i’ve been knitting, for not that long even, i do notice my right arm will start to feel sore. i’m 22 and i worry about the stress this will cause over time.

wow I am a little surprised by this thread. I figured I was one of the few who couldn’t just sit and knit straight without stopping. Even when I am watching a movie I will put the work down for a few minutes while I watch. I get very easily distracted. The only time I sit and knit for long stretches of time is when I can see the end of a project. The problem is that it ALWAYS takes me longer to finish it than I think it will. And that is because I get easily distracted…lol. So, anyway, the most I can go without having to stop, or getting distracted is about 15 minutes.

It used to bug me that people put out so much more knitting than I did. I figured I should be getting faster… then I realized that I have but that I DO get distracted by other stuff pretty easily. And I also realized that it reeeeeeally doesn’t matter how fast I put stuff out. I don’t promise gifts to people for that very reason. I can knit at my own pace and not worry about disappointing someone. I gift almost everything I make, but it is more of a surprise because I did it when I was good and ready…lol