How Long Before You Started Your First Sock?

I’m a total n00b when it comes to knitting, having started only a few weeks ago. I don’t even have a single FO but can’t wait to start knitting my very own first pair of socks. :happydancing: But the thought of having to handle so many sharp pointy sticks at the same time is kinda scary. :oo:

How long have you been knitting before you felt brave or comfortable enough to start on your first pair of socks?

Socks were my second project. I learned a lot and really enjoy doing them. I don’t like doing them on DPNs and much prefer circs and Magic Loop.

IIRC, I started my first sock about 2 months after learning to knit.

about six months after i started knitting! and i love socks, they look great!:inlove:

I’ve been knitting since I was a kid and only just the other day, started a sock! LOL! This is my first time with dpns, too!

It actually took me about six years before I was comfortable enough to knit socks :oops:! But I am a slow learner. And I didn’t discover this website until that point. So you will probably be able to whip a pair of socks up much sooner.

And don’t worry about all of the sharp pointy sticks. It’s just like knitting with two needles when push comes to shove. And they aren’t really THAT pointy. :teehee:

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I started knitting last June. In January, I ordered my set of Options (after reading how everyone had gotten them for Christmas, I just had to check them out).

I also ordered sock yarn with that order. Using Silver’s sock tutorial, I successfully completed my first pair and never looked back! I’ve made several pairs since January.

They look way more intimidating than they actually are. You just have to take it step by step. It’s really not that bad once you understand the structure of the sock.

Socks were the second thing I knit. Took some practice with the
dpn’s but I am a pro now! Sorta :lol: I would definitely recommend
using magic loop or two circular method so you don’t have to worry
about the dreaded “ladder”! I say just jump in and give it a whirl, you
can always stop if it just feels too overwhelming and go back when
are feeling more confident. At least that is what works for me, I like
to find something difficult and just give it a go! Maybe I am weird…:lol:
Libbie :slight_smile:

About the same point actually, a few weeks. I had to cast on in magic loop and switch the dpns after I felt like I had the hang of it, but other than that it was fine.

I say go for it - if you’re knitting something you really want to knit, you will have more fun and learn more than if you decide to knit something you don’t care about.

BTW, I’ve only been knitting since April but I have finished 4 hats, 4 pairs of fingerless gloves, 2 pairs of socks and 2 sweaters. I just chose things I loved and learned as I went :D.

I am a huge advocate of learning by doing :).

Took me 10 years! lol Now I LOVE socks.

Oh, and I used Silver’s Sock Class - I highly recommend using this for your first pair - every single step is clearly explained.

Knitting with DPN’s (double-pointed needles) really isn’t that hard. However, if you have size 1 bamboo needles in your knitting bag, don’t stick your hand in there blindly, as getting them stuck under your fingernails HURTS.

One thing about socks - it’s a little odd getting used to working with small yarn and needles. So I would recommend using variegated or self-striping yarn so you can see how much progress you’ve made.

And I second (third?) the recommendation for Silver’s Sock Class! It’s awesome!

You can do it! Go for it! You can always ask as many questions as you like here. And be sure to show us a pic of your finished socks!

I have been knitting for 4 years and haven’t made socks either. I really want to, but I guess I’m just intimidated by the thought of it. Actually, yesterday I bought a beautiful lace sock pattern by Fiber Trends, but will probably knit it in the future because it looks quite difficult. Once i finish some projects I think I better get my dpn’s ready! Anyways, I’d say to go for it! Silver’s Sock Tutorial looks like it would work pretty well for a first timer.

I started in January and finished my first sock just a few weeks ago. I’m about halfway through my second one now. I was pretty intimidated by all the needles, but it’s much easier now that I’m using 5" instead of 7". :thumbsup:

I learned to knit in 1990. I started knitting socks in 1991. I figured it out from a sock issue of Spin off magazine. I’ve been sock crazy ever since. I used clunky metal needles too :ick: Now I only use bamboo. I’m such a snob:rollseyes:

I started knitting socks a couple months after I learned to knit. What I did was to knit a few swatches first with double pointed needles, magic loop, and two circs to get the hang of knitting in the round. I found that I much prefer magic loop to anything else. After that, the whole sock thing was super easy!
Also, if you have any questions, there are many sock experts here on KH to walk you through it!

I started knitting last August and just finished my first pair of socks about 2 weeks ago. I was really scared to try them but with Silvers tutorial it was so easy. Now I think I could’ve started sooner and had a few pairs by now. You might as well try it out and if you don’t feel like you’re ready you can take a break. DPNs aren’t as scary as they look.

I started knitting in Dec 2004 and started my first sock in Feb 2007 using Silver’s Sock Tutorial. I’ve made bunches since then, using the tutorial. I think you can make socks whenever you want. you don’t have to be an experienced knitter to do it. I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but I was so stubborn about it because socks can be bought for cheap, plus I had a fear of DPNs. I say go for it! :cheering:

I just started knitting in May and that was the third project I did. So about a month and a half after I started. I will be honest and say I was in a knitting class so that helped me out. But now that I have the hang of it I have to say they are pretty easy and fun!

I would like to check out Silver’s tutorial though since everyone raves about it. Where would I be able to find it?

I learned how to knit about 27 years ago, and only tried socks in Jan 2007. Now I have about six pairs. I love them. I used Silver’s Sock Class, it is WONDERFUL.

I have tried ML, but don’t like it. I am a DPNs gal myself. And I’m also very very fond of bamboo needles, placing me in the potential needle snob category! :rofling: