How long are your DPN's?

I just got a set of bamboo DPN’s from Ebay - (15 sets of 5, all different sizes for £10/$20).
I’ve never used DPN’s before, and living in deepest, darkest UK I’ve never even seen them apart from online. :oops:

They are just a little longer than I expected, (Cat just chewed up my measuring tape so I can’t be exact) at about 6 inches long.

Is that right?

(I also got 15 sets of bamboo needles from the sale seller for just a little bit more money - she sells a lot of them and ships internationally so let me know if you want her details)

Most of mine are seven inches long, but six would be fine with me.

I’ve got six inches and seven inches DPN’s… I prefer the six inch length, except my seven inch DPN’s are rosewood and I prefer the wood to the metal.

DPNs come anywhere from 4" (rare… for glove fingers) to 8". The longer lengths can make one feel ore confident that their sts wont slip off the needles, but some feel that the shorter lengths are less cumbersome. As in ALL knitting-related matters, its a personal preference issue.

Most of my DPNs are 6 inches long, which is perfect when I’m making socks because thats how long the foot has to be before I start the toe (well, socks for me anyways, I have small feet). I have a set of size 5s that are 10 inches long, and I like those too, but it can be a pain when I’m working a small number of stitches. And I have a set of size 9s that are five inches long, and I feel that they’re too short.

Personal preference. :smiley:

I haven’t measured mine, but I’d say about 6 inches. You want them long enough so the stitches don’t fall off, but not long enough to put an eye out. :teehee:

I actually think most of mine are 7 inches, I think I have one set that’s 8.

[color=indigo]But the real question is: Does size matter???[/color]

just thought i would share that saturday at the NC knit-together we saw some dpns that were size 0 and 16 inches long.

I got a similar set from ebay. Mine are 5", but I usually use 2 circs now.

Not at all, its what you do with them that counts :teehee:

Hehe - I just thought that mine were reeeeeally long as they always look a lot shorter on the pics, but as long as they are about average :teehee: that’ll do me!

I don’t think I’ll ever use all of the ones I’ve bought, but at least I have no excuses now :cheering:

I have both 7 inch and shorter–I personally prefer shorter ones for socks and smaller diameter knitting–it just feels like there is less “stick” to deal with! LOL! I’m sure that the longer ones are nice when you’ve got a lot of stitches or a heavier yarn!

I have WAY long ones, I suppose for jumper necks/ribbing - about 35 cm long (guess that’s 14 inches), medium ones (a bit bigger than I like though), and shorter ones (which I prefer), about 7 inches. I wish I had shorter ones, probably because I knit tightly and rarely worry about needles falling out.

Most importantly, with bamboo or wood you can not only sharpen them, but shorten them!


I think mine are about 20cm … just to be awkward … I think that’s about 8 inches??? :shrug: I prefer them to shorter ones (which I have only seen not used - I saw KellyK’s KnitPicks dpns) - I use Addi’s.