How long are the socks with using "Magic stripes"

I was getting ready to knit up a pair of sock with the Lion Brand yarn" “Magic stripes”

Can anyone tell me how much yarn is going to be let over? I was wanting to make my sock longer then the pattern called for, and was wondering if I will have enough. :??

I am using the pattern on the back of the yarn. I am wanting to add about 6 in, to it. I think from the ankle up is about 6 in. on the pattern. I want it to be about 12 in. from the ankle up.


I haven’t used that yarn for socks, but there are a lot of variables that would determine how much yarn you would use. Size, needle size, tension length of leg…

I did use that pattern and that yarn - I don’t think you will be able to make them quite that long…I have small fairy feet (size 6 1/2) and made mine 5 inches long in total - so actually a smidge shorter than the pattern called for…I had a fairly decent chunk of yarn left over but certainly not enough to extend what would basically amount to 12 inches.

Can you do toe up? (I can’t, hahahaha!)