How is this stitch done?

I am knitting a baby sweater. I am at Row 6 which says: k4,*work k st in horizontal strand between sts, k 1, repeat from * to last 4 sts, k 4. I have no idea how to “work k st in horizontal strand between sts”. I have looked on Google and cannot find any instructions. Does anyone know how to do that stitch?

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As to your stitch question, isn’t it defined somewhere in the pattern how to do it? Perhaps near the beginning, after they give the supplies needed and the stitch guage?

ALso, can you post a link to the pattern, even if just a picture of the finished item?

lift that horizontal strand with the tip of your left needle, inserting it from front to back so the strand runs across the top of the needle. then knit into the back of the loop thus formed. It is a type of increase.

As mmario this sounds like you are doing and increase stitch. If you go to the “View Videos” tab above there is a section on increases about have way down the page is the M1L (Make one Left). If you are a visual learner this might help.