How is this possible?

Okay here’s the pattern I’m doing

I’m doing it in a large and the number sts don’t make sense I’m taking about reapeating rows 1 and rows 28 times

Cause right now I have 144 sts right now and I so far have done row 1 and row 2 20 times and I have 8 more rounds to go and the total 176 sts how is this possible and is there a way to alternate it to totally up the sts I need?

Are you looking at the correct stitch count?

If you are making the large, then you should always be looking at the 6th stitch count in the list.

CO 64
Repeat two row pattern 28 times (inc 8 sts each repeat, 8 x 28 = 224 incs)
Knit 9 rows
End with 288 sts (64 + 224 = 288) and 66 rows.

Yes I’m sure this has to be off

It sounds like you’re right on target with your increases. You may be counting the number of [I]rounds[/I] you’ve done (20 so far) and not the number of [I]repeats[/I] of the 2 round pattern (10 repeats so far). The 10 repeats have given you 80sts increased (64+80=144sts). You have 18 more repeats of the 2 row pattern or 36 more rounds to go for 288sts. So just keep going, you’re doing fine and the pattern numbers look right.

okay so now I have 156 sts now and I’ve repeated it 24 times is that right or am I doing the repeating counting wrong way?

You should be increasing by [U]8sts[/U] every 2 rounds (row 1 is knit even, with no increases and row 2 in increase [I]before[/I] and [I]after[/I] the 4 markers). When you had 144sts total that was 10 repeats. After one more repeat (2 more rounds) you should be at 152sts and after 2 more repeats (4 rounds) you should be at 160sts total. Check and see that you haven’t put in 4 extra increases or haven’t skipped 4 increases and make sure you’re increasing before and after each marker.

Ugh the 28 repeating is confusing and I think I might have messed up I think I’m gonna have to wing it

tRepeat the 2 rows 28 times means you work 56 rows, that may be in addition to the original 2 rows - or not. However you cound the rows, you should be at 224 sts, with 8 new sts added every other row.

Don’t worry about how many repeats you’re doing. Just be sure to increase on each side of the markers so that you’re increasing 8sts every 2 rows. Keep count with a row marker or with paper and pencil if that helps. As long as you’re close to the total number of stitches, you’ll be fine. Four sts fewer or 4sts more can be worked with.

Okay and I’m suppose to have 288 sts

Yes, you’re right, 288sts total. Sorry for the confusion. (It’s 224sts increased plus the 64 cast on.)