How is the weather where you are?

Well, looks like the weathermen (and women) hit the nail on the head for us here in New Jersey. They said it would start snowing around 9 and it started at 9:15 and has since turned into freezing rain! UGH! It is so weird to see it bouncing off of everything outside. I just hope it does not go to 1-3 inches like they said. I guess its a good thing that I kept both my daughters home from having fevers for 2 days! Although the schools are all shut down here for the day.

So how is it where you are, how about any KH’ers in the midwest where this storm hit a few days ago? Are you all ok back there? Anyone else?

I’m in Maryland, and right now it’s going back and forth between rain and freezing rain. Some of the local schools were cancelled, but most were delayed today. They’re saying it’s supposed to start snowing over the next couple days. Always on the weekend. :tap: lol.

cold, freezing rain this morning, now just regular rain. I must be a little East or Southeast of Lady Jessica… we are also supposed to get snow over the weekend.

I hate this cold, gloomy, damp weather. make me glad we just booked out vacation to Disneyworld for next month!!!

I’m in Western Maryland, up in the mountains. :eyes:

Southern Michigan - 32 degrees with freezing rain - and it’s my night (carpool) to drive 4 girls to ballet class tonight. :help:

Here in North Texas it is hovering above freezing and this morning the weatherman advised us of a “frozen fog” warning.
It is supposed to get up to 52 and then another cold front is coming.
Of course, all of you up north of here probably scoff at a high of 42 being called a cold front. I know, I lived in Ann Arbor, MI for five years.

Unseasonably warm! We are used to warm Christmases in Alabama, but, this is yucky! It’s a little cooler today, with a high of 74! Forget the Christmas sweatshirts, anybody got any Christmas tank tops? :lol:

It’s in the 70’s here :frowning: It’s hard to get into the holday spirit when i can wear tee shirt and shorts outside. It’s supposed to get colder in a few days though.

We have been on a rollercoaster warm cold warm back to cold. Mon it was 75. Tues it was 47. It was 79 here yesterday! Now it is back to the 50’s. I wish we would have snow! Who knows maybe it will. They always say if you don’t like the weather here wait a day!

NW Florida sounding in and it is WAY too warm for this time of year. I’m used to highs in the lower 60’s not in the lower 80’s! And it’s muggy which makes it even more uncomfortable. I’m thinking winter tank tops myself!

Here in sunny Central Florida it is a balmy 72 and as for Christmas we are used to this temp.:woot: Wish you were here!! LOL

First time away from the midwest in 16 years and it is nice here in Northern California.

I admit I miss the snow a little bit and I really miss the cold days, I can’t even wear a cardigan, or scarf without burning my butt off in the day, even though it is about 50-60 here, to me that’s just as bad for winter as 80!

Plus this California sun is surely something to fear, makes me feel like I am sitting on the stove.

south San Francisco bay area, and it’s maybe 50 and clear and sunny.

edit: it’s 43 degrees.

It’s snowing! And snowing! We’re supposed to get 7-12 inches by this afternoon. I’m about 70 miles N of NYC.

cdjack, where I grew up we had tons of fog but I have never heard of “frozen fog”, what is that?

[COLOR=“Purple”]I am in Cambridgeshire UK and it is cold here and this morning it was frosty.My heating is on and staying on.[/COLOR]

LOL, My Dad is from Ann Arbor (Mom’s an Ypsi gal)—and when we moved to Central TX (the Waco area) in '82 it snowed for the first time in years there. When the weatherman mentioned the snow being “…six inches and drifting…” we all ROFLed, thinking of the 6 FOOT drifts from the winter of '78-'79!

I’m in KY now–and it’s just wet and muddy here–been either misting, drizzling or flat out raining on and off daily for three weeks or so now. Great weather if your a duck–in fact, I have 2 ducks and they are having a ball wallowing in all the puddles and probing the bottoms in search of munchies. Getting down in the vicinity of freezing at night, tho’ not as bad as a bunch of ya’ll are dealing with.

Sunny, warm and close to 80 degrees here in mideastern South Carolina. It’s nice and I’m so thankful… cloud9 We’re supposed to have some 2-3 inches of much needed rain tomorrow, although they tell us we’re in for a rude awakening in the 40’s by next week.

UPSTATE NY (Ithaca) getting POUNDED with snow. Started about 8:30 and has been falling at 1-2 inches an hour. I was supposed to have a State EMT exam tonight and it has been postponed til next week. I’m not happy about that because after a long semester of classes and work I was so looking forward to being DONE TONIGHT. I took today off to study and review but I’ve been napping and knitting.

Madison, Wisconsin. We got the snow and ice storms a few days ago. On Tuesday it snowed for the last time. There are tons of snow piled everywhere. Super cloudy. twenty something degrees. That’s better. Last Saturday it was 11-13 degrees. They in the news said the snow won’t melt any time soon.