How is the name of your town pronounced?

My parents have been living in Upland since 1990… i can’t believe how long it’s been!

My state is pretty creative on some pronunciations. San Jose is not pronounced like the CA city, it’s pronounced like it’s spelled with a J not an H.
Athens is with a long A.
My town is Worshington, but it’s spelled like the first President. Only some uppity people from the city pronounce it right. I’m a product of many different places so I do both.
We also have a lot of French and Indian names which are often butchered.
Some -towns are pronounced “ton”, some -tons are pronounced “town”.

The reporters butcher not only the real pronunciation but the state’s versions and make up their own.

Try having sports teams that aren’t labled for any real city. We have the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Tampa Bay Rays. There is no city called Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay bucs are in Tampa, the Tampa Bay Rays are in St. Petersburg. It drives us all nuts when we have a super bowl or other type of event and hear sportscasters say “it’s a beautiful day in Tampa Bay, Florida.”. Nobody lives in Tampa Bay, it’s a body of water!:roflhard:
There is town near where I used to live called Dunedin, everybody that wasn’t familiar with it would call it Doonie-din, it’s pronounced Done-eden.
Florida is full of mispronounced towns due to the amount of indian names we have for our towns.

Saint Loo-iss. We have a street here named Gravois (Gra-voy) and it’s lots of fun to hereout-of-towners pronounce it. I called the Walgreens 800-number once to see about flu shots and the recording gave me an address on “Graveeos”. My brother and I think we’re so clever to call it Gravwa like we’re French. Then one day I had to pull the car over and call him when I heard that pronunciation on a Wal-Mart commercial on the radio! Apparently the Gravwa Bluffs Wal-Mart is now a Supercenter. Cool.

I like to call it Illin-wah.
There’s no noise in Illinwah.

I met a girl who was from New York once, who had come to visit friends on the western edge of Ill-i-noise. She left Chicago traveling west but missed her exit and crossed the river into Ohio.
Mm. smart girl. Knows her geography and stuff. She was nice though.

On a family vacation once, we mentioned being from Iowa to another family. They were very excited and told us all about their trip to Dez Moin-ez. I don’t know how common the mispronunciation is, but in case anyone on here doesn’t know, its properly Dee Moin. Its French, and they stick in all kinds of extra s’s.

I was waiting for someone to bring up Missouri. We’re very good friends with a lot of people from there, as well as my maternal grandmother having been born there. Half the folks end it with an ‘i’, half with an ‘a’. Never could get a straight answer, they’ll argue until midnight about it.

However, after being in the Army and having a ton of Army friends, we just referred to the base there as “Fort Lost-in-the-woods, Misery”. Old joke, but every soldier there knows it.

First time we saw a sign for Puyallup, WA, when stationed in Tacoma, we nearly doubled over laughing trying to figure it out. “Pu-a-loop” was as close as we could come until someone set us straight.

I’m just glad I don’t live in Maggie’s Nipples, WY. :roflhard: It’s true, ask Mason!

Now that was a wrong turn.
I think my niece was trying to get back from IN or WI and somehow ended up in MI but that’s not that long of a hop and since it was at night they didn’t have the sun telling them something was wrong as they circled the lake.

But to cross all of Indiana before she figured out something was wrong is an amazing feat.

When I lived there I used Dez Moin-ez just to make fun of it. I’ve only heard it seriously mispronounced with an s at the end, that is common with the people there.
Since I actually lived in West Des Moines I should’ve called it We De Moin.

Lol no she thought Iowa was Ohio. I probably should have specified, she crossed the Mississippi into “Ohio.” From Rock Island.
Yeah, we mispronounce Des Moines intentionally as a joke… hadn’t thought of dropping the ending from West Des Moines. Wouldn’t you just drop the S to make Wet De Moin?

Oh yeah, that’s another tongue twister! :teehee:

Here in Oklahoma, we have a town called Miami, which, I suppose from the Missourian’s influence, the locals pronounce My Am Ah.

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I believe it - I mean they do have the Teton Mountain Range in WY and the largest of those mountains is the Grand Teton!!! Grand Teton means large teat in French. Must have some relation :roflhard:

My dad lives in a town called Birkenhead The only thing that might not be obvious from the spelling is that Birken is pronounced Berken and the ‘head’ is often a little rushed so there is no emphasis on the ‘h’. We once watched a whole news report about somthing going on in a place called Beercan Head before one of the pictures showed a local landmark and that the reporter had gotten the stresses and pronunciation wrong and she was talking about our home town.

Saying that Liverpool is pronounced with a short ‘i’ sound not a long i sound (as in ‘lie’). That one often makes me cringe.

My brother lives in a place called Ellesmere Port which i have heard pronounced elles-mare rather than elsmeer (the middle ‘e’ really seems to throw people).

My ex lived in a small town called Alnwick. The next town along and the one with the mainline rail station was Alnmouth. Alnwick is actually pronounced without the ‘l’ or ‘w’ as Annick or even Anuck where as Alnmouth is pronounced in full. It is all to do with the root of the words. He also had a problem with is name: Aaron (pronounced Aron not airon) Doherty (pronounced Dock-a-tee).

and of course the one miss-pronunciation (generaly by people from outside of GB) that always makes me cringe/giggle is Edinburgh and other places ending in the suffux -urgh being pronounced with a hard ‘g’ sound like it is Edinburg rather than Edinburah.

Well I guess things with me won’t be as funny as for other town names, since I’m in europe, and things are a little different here.
My hometown (if you can call it a town), in my mother tongue (luxembourgish) is written Mäertert, in german (and french) Mertert. About pronounciation, it’s very hard to give an approximate pronounciation, so sorry about that (I did think quite some about how to write the pronounciation in english… )
[Oh, something came to my mind… you might try pronouncing it M-“air”-tit, with the “i” of tit replaced my the “a” of father, and don’t pronounce the first “r”, just make it sound like in “right”… That might give you an idea]

Something else, some towns have 3 names, one in luxembourgish, one in german and one in french. For example, Élwen, Ulflingen and Troisvierges are the name of one town, in lux, german and french. There are quite some other town names… (Some only have one in german/french and one in luxembourgish)

I live in Eureka, pronounced yur-ee-kah. The funny thing is there is another town called Yreka (pronounced why-ree-kah) but most people pronounce Yreka like Eureka. And when I tell someone I’m from Eureka, they want to spell it with a Y. Very interesting.

Maggie’s Nipples, WY

Been there!

We actually have a town near us called Norfolk. But people pronounce it “Nor-fork”. Some other weird ones by us:
Madrid (with the a pronounced like “cat”)
Lima (Lie-ma)
Theresa (thuh-re-sa, not tuh-re-sa)

I think the pronunciation of Aaron must be somewhat regional. My area, its Air-run, but I have a friend from NY state whose middle name is Aaron, and when I was guessing, he said no to “airun” and then when I gave up said, “it’s a-run” and got really annoyed when I insisted that I already said that. BUT, some of my other friends couldn’t even say it with a short “a” when they tried. We had another friend named “aaron” who tried to teach them to say it "right."
I also know some local Dohertys who pronounce it “Dorty”

When I lived in New Jersey a new friend there, when I said I was from Missouri, told me about a friend who went to college in Arkansas at Ouachita (not sure I spelled it right but I can pronounce it!) and he was saying “Oo-a-chee-ta”. I said, “You mean Washitah?” He looked surprised! I’m from Ironton, MO, and the more country folks there says “Arnton”.

One of my pet peeves is Sant Louis with a short a sound! Where the heck do you get that? The worst one for it, too, is my aunt whose maiden name is Saint Clair. I call her Sant Clair because I’m a smart-aleck.