How is neck shaping affected if I knit the front bands in?


For a cartigan-style front, I think there is no reason why I can’t knit the front bands in from the get-go rather than making them separately and then sewing them on, or picking up stiches (stockinette body with seed stitch band). I’m not sure though how this would affect nect shaping, where the pattern says to bing off some stitches at the front neck edge. Would I just bind off the band stitches on the same row? And then to add the ribbed neck band would I pick up the bound-off seed stitches?


That’s what I would do. Or you could put the band stitches on holders and then knit them as part of the neckband.

The main reason that they have you attach the band later is because of tension. As you knit, make sure that it’s not too loose.

Thanks so much, Ingrid!

I’m practicing on a swatch to see how my tension goes, and am not sure when to slip the front band stitches to a holder (rather than binding them off).

On my swatch I noticed that if I slip the band stitches right before I’m supposed to bind off body stitches for neck shaping (at the beginning of a WS row), my working yarn will stay with the slipped band stitches and I guess I would need a new working yarn to continue? Or should I work those band stitches, then bind off and do neck shaping, then slip the band stitches to a holder on my way back on the WS row?

Thank you thank you thank you!


I’d work the band stitches and put them on the holder so the yarn is in the right place.