How is a YO done between 2 purl stitches?

Hi everyone! I know how to do a YO beteen 2 knit stitches. How do I YO between 2 purl stitches? Thanks!

Just wrap the yarn around the needle in the same direction as you would when working a purl stitch, which actually is the same direction as you would for a knit stitch. The only difference is that it’s starting from in front of the working needle instead of from behind it, otherwise it’s exactly the same.

I see what Knitting Guy is saying. If you knit English (holding the yarn in the right hand), you start with the yarn in front because you just did a purl and then like he said wrap the yarn around the right hand needle like you would to purl. Do that before you stick the RH needle into the stitch you are going to purl. Then purl the stitch.

If you knit Continental, after you purl the first stitch bring the yarn over the top of the RH needle to the back, and continue on around until you have the yarn back in front again. Then purl the next stitch.