How insert Greek Letters in project

I am a novice who recently attempted to relearn how to knit.
I made two Berets and one skull cap. I am attempting to make the
second skull cap, and would like to put three Greek letters on the cap for my grandson Faternity. Need some advice on how to do this
I am using size 7 needles and Red Heart Worsted - medium

Easiest way would be duplicate stitch. Elims the need to work them in while knitting. There are existing posts on dupe st here on KH.

Thanks for the tip on duplicate stitch. I have been having a ball
with my project. I made a graph but only use it for what the letter look like so I could experment .
I like the concept, because if it does not look right you can alway pull it out (or clip) and start over again.
My first attempt was kinda off with the middle letter (since I did not use the graph). So I use the little ruler and angle the A to right
I think I will use my sample as a guide in trying to knit the letters.
Thanks again for the tip.:cheering: :

Glad that worked for you. Yes, if things don’t look quite the way you want, you can redo…unlike if you were working the image while knitting and then realized, after the fact, it wasn’t what you wanted. The only thing to keep in mind is that knitting sts aren’t sq, so you usually have to skew/tweak the image to allow for that. Just map them on knitting graph paper…to gauge.