How I rolled my car and met a knitter

What a crappy month! About 10 days ago I was dumped for someone else… then on Sunday I rolled my car coming up the Brynderwyns! Quite a few things could have killed me if they’d been slightly different. A lovely woman who stopped offered me a ride to her house and the use of her phone until someone could drive up and get me. In her car I noticed - knitted bags! 'Did you make that?'
She spun the wool herself! A few minutes later I mentioned that my preference was for the luxurious wools and she said ‘Yes, I noticed you had some nice stuff in there (she had been holding my bag)’ - alpaca/cashsoft-type.

She was very impressed by my Baudelaire lace socks on 2 circs. She has apparently not knitted much for a while and gave up after her first socks were uneven!

She showed me some other bags. I don’t know much about homespun or assessing wool but I said it looked very even in thickness all the way through, and she said 'yes I was quite a good spinner.'
I showed her my collection of patterns, almost all free off the net, and she said ‘I never thought of looking there for patterns!’ I wrote down a few websites for her.

I showed her quite a few lace sock patterns and she wants to take it up again. I was thinking about sending her some wool that would be good for lace socks as part of a present to her for such help and kindness, but it may have been a temporary inspiration, so I’ll make it something different.

Now uni’s starting again and me without a car. And I have a horrible cold and feel totally miserable. Never ends…


That’s a tough way to find a new knitter! I’m glad you’re okay and sorry about your car!! :hug:


You poor dear!

It’s nice that you can see something positive out of this, though. I think the yarn gift would be the perfect way to say thank you!

Hope things get better for you…

P.S. At first, I thought you meant that you met a GUY knitter. :teehee:

Sorry for the broken heart and car.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time. :hug:


What a coincidence about who was your “rescuer.”

My hubby and I had a pretty serious accident on the 401 in Toronto and had over $5000 of damage to our car the last weekend in January, so I can understand what you’re going through!

Big :hug:

:cheering: Soooooooo glad you are okay and how neat is it that a [color=red]knitter[/color] picked you up? Not a bad way to end an ordeal. And about being dumped…how long would you have agonized over dumping your SO? You lucked out. The jerk didn’t recognize the wonder of you and made the move, you didn’t have to lift a finger. Anyone that doesn’t see the goddess that is us needs to move on, and make it as easy as possible on us when they do. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Drink some OJ, take some asprin. Hope the nasty cold is history when your read this.

Oh, ps. Send the yarn.

Rolling a car is quite serious. I’m glad you’re ok.

Wow, so glad you’re ok! :hug: :hug: :hug:

Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you’re alright! :shock: Thank goodness someone was there to help you!

Thank you all, I am fine, scraped my foot somewhere - possibly getting out of the car - and three small bruises from the seatbelt. Without that I shudder to think how I would have been tossed around, the car rolled 1.5 times landing on the roof. Thanks for the sympathy but I really am barely hurt at all. Wear your seatbelts guys, that’s the only reason I’m so well.

It’s possible that the decision to resume knitting was fleeting, in which case the wool won’t be a good present (as much as I would love to be a knitting missionary and convert everyone to the wonderful hobby).

Thanks Nikki, he seems less important now, hope that lasts!