How I avoid ladders with DPNs

I tried to explain this before and don’t think it went well. I finally got around to making a video, a picture is worth a thousand words. Since I started doing this I don’t have ladder problems.

I’m also working on a complete tutorial for double knitting 2 socks at once. If you’re interested in that check out my other videos. Right now part 1 is up, transfering the cast on, joining and the ribbing. It will probably be at least another week or two before I get enough for part 2 with the leg, heel, turn and gusset.

Nice video…but I couldn’t help but focus on your knitting “technique”…what is that on your finger? are you using two strands to knit with, one to purl and one to knit? I am very curious as it looks like an awesome “continental” tech…thankks

The technique is double knitting 2 socks at once, one inside the other. Both sides are being knit there. You can see it panned out with knits and purls here, forward it to around the 6 minute mark.

The ladder avoidance thing works for everything.

The thing on my finger is a ring I made that is more for regular double knitting where right side faces out on both sides so the strands are always carried together and you can simply pick the strand/color you want off the finger.
But it works to keep the strand from slipping off my middle finger so I’m using it.

Hi! :waving:

Thanks for these. I LOVE doing the “one inside the other” method for socks, leg warmers, gloves, etc. It’s fun and super and very impressive when doing it in public! :thumbsup:

On the video where you’re showing how to knit the fabrics, though, the dark yarn against the dark background was difficult to see. Otherwise the videos are very well filmed and very clear. I particularly liked the “avoiding ladders” one. Could you post the url’s for all the ones you’ve done? I don’t want to miss one!

Thanks again and Happy Knitting! :knitting:


The dark one was for the forum where someone asked how “you” knit. It was what I had OTN at the time.

The best way to not miss someone’s videos is to open an account and subscribe to their channel. Or you can drop a bookmark to their channel and check it every so often. You can set a subscription so YouTube sends emails whenever they upload (which isn’t perfect at sending those emails) or not.
If you’re checking a bookmark even if the channel isn’t set to default to it you can see all the uploads and arrange then by date.

Once I finish the double knitting socks series I’ll be posting it.

OK, this is going to sound weird, but I only have a “ladder” on the back - where I’m going from needle 3 to needle 1.
As this is my very first attempt at socks, I am only doing one at a time (actually had never heard of the “one inside the other” thing)…and I was still confused by the video.
I don’t quite understand why my other “switches” are smooth and the join above the heel is “ladder-y”…any clues?

Is 3-1 where you joined? If so I would guess that the join was loose which is allowing the stitches above it to get pulled.

I bet if you move that spot over that ladder will stop being there since it’s the only one you have. Knit about 5 extra stitches on each needle for a round so your join isn’t at a joint between the needles.

3 needles is worse for laddering than 4 because of the tighter angles.