How horrible is this? (New knitting bag)

You know I’ve been salivating over the Jordana Paige messenger for months now, but then I found Timbuk2 and custom made a bag for myself. Here’s their site, you can click Create your Own at the top left to check it out if you wish So I get the bag today and it’s totally cute and there are WONDROUS pockets just perfect for knitting and every day use BUT. in the custom making part, you can choose the liner. i was in love with the mint exterior, so i chose the mint liner. in the pictures on the custom building site, it looks like a PERFECT match (and they do have the same name) but in person, it is a HIDEOUS clash and I am SO upset about it. Here it is:

mind you, my camera stinks, but that’s a pretty good representation of the clashage.

here’s the gorgeous front:

and this is a more accurate depiction of the true mint exterior, as opposed to the top pic where the color is a little askew

so now, knitting friends, first of all, how horrible is it, in your opinions? secondly, since it’s custom made, i can’t return or exchange… any ideas on what i can do to make it more tolerable? So far I’ve come up with magic markers and stickers, but not sure if stickers or magic markers will stick, really.

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: i’m sad

since you don’t like it there’s really nothing I can say to make it better. sorry you don’t like it. bummer since it’s custom. hugs.
but. honestly, in the pics I don’t mind it at all! I actually like it :D!
the liner is mint-y and the outside looks more, umm, like sage? I love the lavendar (or is that periwinkle? grey?) middle section too. the reason I think it looks fine is all 3 colors are the same intensity (or is the word I’m looking for “saturation”?) and look good next to each other.

I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but since you only see the mismatch when it’s open, I don’t really see a problem. I like it!

i guess it’s not as terrible as i’m making it… i’ve since stuffed yarn and needles for 4 projects, my denises, yarn needles, pins, etc., wallet, cell phone, and ipod in there and i’m enamored by it again. :wink:

thanks, ladies. i’m feeling a little better. :smiley:

yeah i seriously don’t think it looks bad at all!

I think it looks great, myself, and I’m glad that with the space you have that you’re loving it despite the color mismatch.

Just a tip–I sew patches to the outside of my messenger bags. It’s my space for “bumper stickers”, since I refuse to put any stickers on my car. You could try that if you want.

:smiley: I like it, too. I would never have thought it wrong bc of, as jodi said, the colors are of the same hue :wink: I love the site…so much so that I hope I lose it :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I agree with Jodi as to how the colors look and I don’t think it’s so bad!

I :heart: it! Wouldn’t worry at all.

Yeah that would have shocked me too.

I think it adds to its ambience, and it even took me a moment to realize which was the offending color. I think the purple and black help to make the two “mints” work.

edited to say
Did I really write ambience? I meant eclecticness. If thats a word.

i think the problem is the fabric really. i would bet if that liner fabric were more dense it would be closer to the color of the outside!

shakes fist at Pele for giving her a NEW bag site to obsess about!

Ok… I love the idea of this bag… .what size did you get? I’ve been having a ball making my own bag over and over. LOL

I don’t see any color clashing in the picture. :??
Looks great to me!! :smiley:

you’re all wonderful sweet people. i feel 100% better and i love my bag all over again.

becky, welcome to my world! I obsessed and created and re-created my bag for THREE DAYS before i finally ordered it. this is the medium size (perfect for me, i originally was going with the large, but i’m a big guy and i wouldn’t have wanted anything larger against me, plus as i mentioned i’ve got 4 projects in there comfortably, albeit not all BIG projects, but nonetheless). the fabric i chose is the cordura, not the ballistic. the middle color is actually “silver” although ti does have a bit of a purply cast. it’s my bad camera.

and bren, you are absolutely right. i wrote them about it because i was so sad before you all made me feel better, and they said because of the differing fabric, it takes the dye differently so it IS the same dye. you hit that one on the head.

thanks again everyone :slight_smile:


As if my bag obsession wasn’t bad enough now I have this great site to lust over :frowning: :doh:

:wink: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

If your a real bag lover I reccomend the Australian company Crumpler. Amazing bags.

I think it looks great and glad to read you are feeling better about the bag… I must say I have now had a bag of every color on that site :rofling:

First, I think that’s a terrific bag. The colors are GREAT

Second, how often are people going to see the inside, anyway? :mrgreen:

Im SO glad you have developed a better relationship with it… :lol: