How hard would this be/pattern?

Does anybody know where I might be able to find a pattern similar to this hat? How hard would it be? What kind of yarn might this be (a worsted weight, chunky, a couple of strands held together)?

Here’s a slightly similar hat from Berroco.

I looks like you’ll need several strands held together, and a REALLY big needle like a US size 15 to 17 or larger

The hat part appears to just be a big ‘bag’ maybe with a tight cast on, then knit for a ways, perhaps with some increasing up underneath (not a lot though, with how large those stitches are!) and then decreased away to nothing. Actually… what I first thought were ribs with a twisted stitch seems to be stockinette knit sideways (perhaps with short rows to get the shape?) and then braids or some sort of slip stitch or something somehow added on on top. The other way they may have achieved this affect is crocheting it top up but only crocheting in the back loops of each stitch? (and then adding on the cables and brim)…

Sorry I’m not much help! I hope you can find a decent pattern!! Maybe take a pattern like this one (it’s crochet) and crochet a brim onto it?

There is a very similar hat in the “Wear the boys are” issue of Knit.1 that came out earlier this year.