How hard will this be?

I am a new knitter and would love to make this wrap. I can do a knit stitch and pearl.

Oh my, that is lovely! It doesn’t seem too difficult, especially if you are willing to learn some new techniques. It’s mostly stockinette, so if you can do that you’re halfway there.:wink: Good luck!:thumbsup:

oooo! Love it! I’m a beginner too, but you’ve got me wanting to make it. I love Rowan yarn, so this is right up my alley.

I have an idea: You get one completed and then let me know how easy/hard it was. Great idea, right?

I think I am going to jump in. I think since the complicated pattern is only on each end and the middle is basic it will be prefect for learning something new.

If I wanted to substitute yarn would I just need to get the same weight?

You should, then you would use the same size needles and number of stitches without have to adjust the pattern any. I’d change it, but I do that a lot so know how to easily.

So if I wanted to change it to a worsted wt. how would I do that? It wouldn’t bother if it was a little wider, and longer.

Basically, you need to knit up a swatch with the new yarn to figure out what size needles will give you the same gauge called for in the pattern.

You could use worsted yarn and larger needles. But do as Abbily suggests to find out how many sts per inch that would get you, then figure how much wider that will make the wrap. If it’s too much wider than you want, you may be able to start with stitch 14 of the pattern instead of the first stitch. Print out the chart and draw a line from the knit stitch before the second YO up; that eliminate one repeat of the pattern.

Oh that’s a pretty wrap, I’d like to make that! Not that I’d have a use for it! LOL It’s just pretty!