How frustrating!

K-mart over here has 25% off all yarns and knitting needles (I didn’t actually know about the needles until I looked at my recipt though), so I went off to do some shopping today, I got this really pretty pink wool/mohair blend, oh so soft, to make some socks with, I also needed to get some new needles as I needed 4.5mm and 5.5mm but only had the 4.5’s

Anyway I got home, have been knitting away all afternoon using my 4.5’s just after dinner I finished that section and was ready to start with the new 5.5’s I fish around in the bag on my desk, pull out the new pack, only to realise I had accidently picked up 4.5mm ones!!! :doh: I’m so peeved with myself, I was on a roll and everything. Will have to go back up tomorrow and exchange them :wall:

Don’t be mad with yourself! Stuff happens. Look at it this way…you found a sale, and that is good :wink:

I’m sure that is frustrating.

My Kmart doesn’t sell yarn of any kind. I haven’t been there in months but I never saw any craft items there ever. :shrug:

Apparently the folks to do all the buying for the Targets, Walmarts and Kmarts out here don’t think that Californians are interested in yarn because none of those stores have yarn here. I just don’t get it!

K-mart over here sells a bit of everything, although their scrapbooking range has alot to answer for IMHO hehehe

grrrr got my replacement needles, right size, right length and hought yay I can finish, and when I started knitting I was wondering why the wool was hard to move along the needles, I had picked up the plastic needles, I swear it is so annoying that they make them the same colour as the aluminium ones because I really like those, it all just slides along so easily. Oh well, they still work hehehe