How fast are your reactions?

Bobbing Bobcat on first try for me. :lol:

:thumbsup: me too :rofling:

I got sluggish snail the first time. In my defense I was trying to play and talk on the phone at the same time. I got the Bobcat one the second time.

LOL, I got sluggish snail @ 1st bc I jumped the gun…then I got the bobbing bobcat…how can u be faster…when I tried to be faster I got caught for jumping the gun :rollseyes:
Pooooor sheep :rofling: :roflhard:

Bob cat here too! :slight_smile:

I wonder if we could shear the sheep while they sleep??? Then I wouldn’t feel that bad for them! :slight_smile:

I’m an ambling armadillo!! :smiley:

i SUCK! I was a snail for 4 times in a row! I finally got the bobcat after that… wierdly, my 1st, 2nd and 4th sheep that time were all .189 seconds!

Rocketing Rabbit, baby!

GET OUT…how did u do that :shock: ?! Speed demon :wink: !!!

Well, what is funny is that I actually clicked when I WASN’T supposed to and got one exactly when it started to move! HA HA HA. Pure dumb luck that I was completely unable to repeat!!

Armadillo the first time, rocketing rabbit the second :thumbsup: .

hehe bobcat!

armadillo then bobcat

Snail then bobcat.


I’m a bobcat, but I did run out to shear them in between. :wink:

I keep getting 3 second penalties for having a happy trigger-finger. :frowning:

Very funny Ingrid … running out to shear them :lol:

First 2 tries I was an ambling armadillo, then bobbing bobcat. This is very addictive.

ugh…annoyingly addictive! I wonder if people who play video games are really good at this?

count me in the Bobcat club…
some of my sheep even stopped right on top of each other, overlapping with just a sliver to spare… crazy addicting game to play!
i tried it 5 times.

Sluggish Snail & Ambling Armadillo …