How far does KP sock yarn go?

Would you order 2 balls or 3 for a pair of average ladies’ socks?

  1. Even making socks for my menfolk (sizes 10-12) I have never needed more than that. In fact, I usually have a bit left over.

I have small-ish feet (size 6) but I use 2 balls. So far, from the first pair of socks I made for me, I’ve made 2 pairs of baby socks from the leftovers, and still have plenty of leftovers. :slight_smile:

I buy 2 skeins and did the socks in entrelac and a pair with Intrasia and have PLENTY left over. You can buy 2 skiens of Wool of the Andes and get a pair of ankle length socks with some left over. I did a pair of socks from this yarn for one of the grandmothers since it is worsted weight yarn.

I made socks for my small feet with about 1.25 hanks of KP Memories, so i have plenty of leftover.

If I knit ankle socks, I can get a pair out of one ball of Essential or Gloss. I have smallish feet, size US7(womens). I recently bought 4 balls of essential, 2 for socks for DH(ash) and 2 for socks for me(african violet), and I have enough leftovers from those 2 pairs to make myself purple and grey striped socks too.

I am on my 3rd pair of socks using Palette and with an yarn eating pattern I still ended up with a few yards left after making ladies socks that are 15" toe to cuff. With the Pomatomus pattern I ended up with quite a bit left in each skein.

I have very long feet, made larger due to many surgeries on them. It takes two skeins of KP yarn, but I always have enough left over for a piece of doll or stuffed animal clothing.

I have been using their Felici and love the socks. I have small feet and can get a pair for myself and a smaller pair for our ggd out of 2 balls.:knitting:

I haven’t used them yet, but I always order two skeins of each sock yarn.