How does this work? Pattern help needed!

I am making a sweater fr my son’s doll. I am following a knitted sweater pattern for a bear out of ‘Knitted Toys’ by Fiona McTague. The pattern is simple until the neck shaping… the pattern is as follows…

Shape neck
next row
k15 turn
work on this set of stitches only. Dec 1 st at neck edge on every row until 10 st remain
work even until front matches back at shoulder shaping ending at armhole edge,

Now, Im not a great knitter, but I am good at plugging along and this has me stumped. The picture shoes a slightly scoop neck, and then you pick up stitches along the neck edge to make a turtleneck of sorts. But those instructions dont work for me. I dont understand! Help!?

So, on the ‘next row’ you will knit 15 then turn your work right around, ignoring the other stitches still on the needle. You will then work the next instructions on ONLY those 15 stitches. Do you understand the decreasing at neck edge part?

I’m assuming that later on your instructions will ask you to re-attach yarn on the other stitches, the ones that you didn’t work when you started the neck shaping, and complete that side of the neck.

Let us know if you need more help.