How does this look?

Please be honest, im just learning and i wanna do it the right way. Im making a kitty like this

It looks like pretty knitting with a lovely colorful yarn. Keep at it! :thumbsup:

Looks good to me, too! :thumbsup:

Great even tension…

Looks great!

Yes, it looks great! Good job!

That is really pretty yarn and your knitting looks very neat. It will be a
very cool cat. :thumbsup:

Cool! I love those bright colors. Looks great. :smiley:

Looks good to me…love the kitty :thumbsup:

also looks great to me too! :thumbsup:

Looks great to me, good job!

YES! Your doing great! Your stitches look even! Most beginners stitches dont look that even. Your kitty will be very colorful! Keep going!

It looks great and such pretty colors!

That’s going to be the prettiest cat in all the world!!!