How does the change in needle size effect the yardage of yarn used?

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I am somewhat of a beginner so I am still having trouble with some basic concepts. I am knitting a lace scarf and the tension seems a little tight although I am coming up with the correct width of the scarf. I am thinking that I need to increase my needle size by maybe 2 sizes to give it an airier feel. I am wondering if I will be using significantly more yarn by doing this. I only have 250 yards of this yarn and the pattern indicates that with this amount of yarn, the scarf will only be 40 inches long. I am fearful of ending up with a scarf that is too short to be useful.

Any thoughts would be helpful. I am using alpaca yarn that was pretty expensive and I am not sure how it will hold up to being torn out until I get the feel I want.

I can’t answer the question you asked, I’m sure someone else can.

I was wondering though, when you say the lace is knitting up a bit tight and you want it airer, have you made a good sized swatch and fully blocked it to see the end result?
Lace can look tight until it’s blocked and you gently draw it out to reveal the lovely patterning, then let it dry flat. Also yarns feel different after washing and some change size in the process too. I know as a beginner I couldn’t really be bothered with properly swatching but they are ever so useful if you do them properly and have the patience to wait for it to dry and be measured before starting your project.

Thank you for your suggestion. I am doing a swatch now. What I have learned so far in my knitting is that I tend to have very tight tension. I have already gone up my standard one needle size. I have been stretching the swatch to see what it will look like after blocking. I think that I am going to stick with what I am doing. I saw a sample scarf worked up in the yarn and I remember it to be more open and light. But maybe it is just my memory that is off or maybe once I get a bigger swatch I will look different.

Definitely wet block your swatch to open up thelace pattern. What is the name of your pattern?

If you knit at a looser gauge than the pattern gauge you will indeed get a lighter more open fabric. The scarf will be larger than the pattern sample and you will use more yarn.

The designer is undoubtedly giving you the gauge she had when she knit the scarf. In estimating yardage, designers usually over estimate to account for slight differences in gauge.

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Thank you Salmonmac. I purchased the yarn from a local alpaca farm. The pattern was written by the breeder’s mom, so no name. I had to do a swatch because the pattern looked like it was missing something. I had to restart a few times before I got it to work. She had probably made this pattern many times and her tension was most likely very loose.