How does one start a Stich 'N Bitch?

So I finally found a knitter in my area that wants to start a Stitch 'N Bitch.:cheering:
The thing is I have no idea how to go about it. Should we just get together once a week and hope that we find more people to join us? Or should we try and find more people first and lay out some rules?
What does everyone else do? Thoughts ideas?

Thanks in advance.

You can use online things like Yahoo groups or Or you can just make flyers and post them in your LYS. How bout the local library? We have them here and are a huge success. Good luck

When I started here in my town I just asked the librarian if we could use the conference room on an evening a week, made up a flyer, posted it all over, and emailed local websites that had community happenings pages and asked them to include it.

If you live in civilization and not so rural as I do, you can definitely use the internet and get loads of people. Most knitting message boards have a “knitters near you” type forum.

Another thought is to look for a place like a bookstores that has a bunch of comfy chairs and would act as a “host” to your group. Let you put up signs, etc. Heck one of our local bookstores has their big comfy chairs right beside the knitting books. How sweet is that?!?!

Coffee shops might be open to this as well. I meet 3 other artists once a week at our local Starbucks for “sip and scribe” and they love us since we buy drinks and munchies and bring ambiance to the store.

If all else fails, check with your JoAnn store to see if they have space in one of their classrooms (if they have them) for a “Knitting Club” Our JoAnn has one and it is $5. It meets once a month, but it might be something that leads to a weekly thing (if that is what you are looking for.)



I joined a KNIT WITS Group at my local library because I saw a paper there for ladies who meet there once a week and KNIT and TALK . I love it!

You just need to let them know that you knit and want to get togather once a week or whenever. :knitting:

What we did was exchange e-mail addresses if anyone can’t make it that evening, it’s to let the others know it. That’s the only rule.

We also go to Yarn Shops togatyher when there is a BIG SALE on there !!! :woohoo:

Susan :knitting:


Thanks for all the tips.

JoAnn’s is out. We don’t have them in Canada. At least not that I’m aware. We do have a Michaels’. But as the Knitting Instructor there I can say it’s almost impossible to get classroom time.
Bookstores sounds like a cool idea, we were also thinking about asking our LYS, but I’ve been in their store and there isn’t a lot of room.
One of our local libraries could work. The one has a fireplace and some comfy chairs to sit in. Someone would just have to get there early enough to stake a claim. :teehee:
We have plenty of coffee shops. I’d like to try to support the local ones. Starbucks doesn’t really need anymore advertising. :).
I think we are going to have to rely on flyers and such to let people know. I belong to a bunch of knitting groups and forums and there just doesn’t seem to be anybody from around here online. I guess they are all to busy knitting. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!