How Does One Knit a Disc?

I just spent roughly two to three hours scouring my usual sure thing knitting sites, knotting, shredding, and abusing innocent hanks of good yarn, loudly cursing, rinsing and repeating to absolutely no avail. Who knew knitting a plain, flat, circle would damage my knitting ego so profoundly.

I need help…badly. Usually I’m pretty good at picking these up and figuring it out, however today I’ve come down with a terrible case of the stupids. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!


Is something like these what you have in mind?

I also saw circle shawls but pictures in the link were more like discs, I thought.

Cast on about 8 sts, join; knit a plain round, knit an increase round that doubles the sts (kfb every one or k1, m1 around). Do another plain round then an increase round (k1 kfb, around or k2, m1 around). Repeat knitting 1 more st between increases every other round.

Here’s a great site with good directions and pictures for knitting a flat circle: