How does ny pattern look different to pattern?

OK, I knit the first 16 rows. The 3rd Next Row (the one under the For all 6 sizes) starts with Inc in first stitch, k11 then start the (C4F, C4B, k8) repeat. That shifts the repeat over so that the middle cable cross aligns with the cables on the initial row 3.

I didn’t account for the shift in my earlier post and I do apologize for that. Nothing like seeing the sts on the needle.


Ahh thank you i have started again will let you know how it goes.

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Ibthink i gave finally got it lol


It looks wonderful! Good for you for persisting with this lovely pattern.

Thank you :kissing_heart: i might need your help again if i get stuck x

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Come back anytime. I hope we get to see a photo of this project when you finish!

:ok_hand::ok_hand: will do, if i finish it lol

Hi can you help please i am doing front gusset and when i cast off the 2 stitches for button holes im left with to many stitches.

Also the second row doesn’t make sense either thats the row im stuck on i sorted the first row but the second is really baffling me lol

There’s a mistake in the pattern. Where it says, “…(rib 9, cast off 2 sts)…” it should read “…(rib 9, cast on 2 sts)…”. You’re completing the button hole on this row.

(Yes, the difference in stitch number is in accounting for the stitch left on the right hand needle after each bind off of 3 sts. Some patterns account for this and some don’t.)

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Ahh thank you i thought it was a mistake

When casting on do you turn the needles round cast on then turn back?

Yes, that’s it exactly.

Thank you im nearly finished will post a picture when its done.

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Just a quick question would i sew buttons on the inside or outside of the back gusset?

Sew the buttons on the outside so that the front gusset with the buttonholes will overlap the back and lie flat when buttoned.

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All done x


Could not be cuter! Good for you for persevering with a not easy pattern stitch. Lots going on here.
Lovely finished project makes it all worthwhile.

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Thank so much for your help I really appreciated your time ⚘⚘⚘

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What a lovely end result - make sure it gets handed off to another well deserving child when this one gets too big for it!

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