How does ny pattern look different to pattern?

Please help

Could you please post a photo of your knitting, if you have a current example, and a photo of what it should look like? I think this is the best way to tell what’s going on so we can help.


![20200719_024621|900x1200](upload:// eg)
I have got to the last 2 rows after the pattern set but i dont know how to bring the pattern in to what i have already done…please help!

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I’m finding this confusing as well, but I’d be inclined to put a lifeline in for a start, on the row you’re on now, then try doing the increases in the next row and row 1 of the pattern and see if it comes out right (stitch count-wise, at least). Which size are you doing?
It looks very cute so hopefully we can get it sorted out somehow!

Thank you for replying, i have already tried what you suggested and the pattern didnt line up so im so confused i don’t know what to do.

The size im doing is the first size.

You’ve finished the pattern rows 1-12 so far and are working the “Keeping continuity of patt as set…”? Is that correct?

You want to keep the alignment of the cable crosses as set in the first 12 rows. There are cables worked on the repeats of rows 3,5,9 and 11 with 8sts between cables. Work the increased sts in stockinette stitch at the beginning and end of the row (knit on the odd number rows, purl on the even).

When you have enough sts at the beginning and end of the row to include the 4 cable sts or the 8stitch double cable, go ahead and add the cables into the appropriate row. I like to wait until I have enough sts plus one more at each end to serve as an edge stitch.

But 3rd row says k8 to start k7 between, row 5 says k11 before then k to end, 9th row says k7 to start k8 between, 11th row says k11 to start then k8 between so its confusing me lol…thank you for helping me with this i really appreciate it

The difference in the number of sts before and after the pattern repeat is to account for the increased sts. For example, in Row 3 you inc in the first stitch then k8 before working the cable.
Row 4 has an increase in the end as well. That means that by the time you get to Row 5 you have 2 increased sts and a total of 3 sts before the k8 so you’ll k11.

In Row 3, the k7 isn’t between cables since there’s only one double cable, C4F, C4B. The k7 is at the end of the row. Think of it as “Inc-k8-cable-k7-Inc”

You don’t see the actual pattern repeat until you get to Row 9 (C4F, C4B, k8) twice. That spacing will recur as you work the increases into the pattern.

So should i have already brought the cable in? Or am i about to do it on next row?

Which row have you just completed?

This is what it looks like bringing in the cable and it doesn’t look the same as the pattern set…

The cable pattern should be staggered across the rows. So the second tier of cables isn’t directly above the last set. The 12 rows form a kind of diamond.

Ok i get that but what row should i start to bring in the extra cable knits? I am really confused im going to unpick and try again grrr haha

Also am i supposed to leave the markers at the bottom or take all the way to end?

If i bring in pattern row 9 will i still start with the 7 stitches? Will i knit 8 stitches in between the cable stitches every time.
Then row 11 will i knit 11 stitches every time and 8 stitches between?
You must think im stupid but my mum was a professional knitter but she had a brain bleed 26 years ago and is severely disabled so unfortunately she cant help me …

These are all good questions. The pattern looks lovely but it’s not a simple pattern to actually work.

You can work the first 12 rows as given in the pattern. Row 9 takes the extra sts into account.

It sounds like the markers stay on each end of the first row. There are no instructions about slipping the markers on subsequent rows. You could read ahead and see if there are any directions under Finishing that mention the markers.

You can get this to work, I’m sure. Once you get past the initial increases, the pattern continues without shaping until the top.