How does it look?

Hello everyone,

After many hours and extra strength aspirin. I finally have gotten myself in a rythmn. I had to take it apart and start from the beginning. I would love to thank everyone who helped me with my pattern questions. Let me know what you think?


It looks beautiful! The shape it is now reminds me of a beautiful moth!

I think you’ve got it! And you’ve only been knitting 2 weeks…? Wow indeed.

Great color, nice and cheerful.

Very pretty!

It is very pretty. Taking work apart and doing it again (frogging) is part of learning to knit. Of course, that makes me an [I]excellent[/I] knitter.

Before I determined that I WOULD learn to knit, I crocheted for about 36 years; never had to frog anything. Why are two sticks harder than one?

Back to you,now, what is it going to be when it’s finished? Right now it looks like a Faroese shawl.

Thank You! A shawl it is. I am very excited about it. Thanks again!

It’s this shawl - not faroese, but knit from the top down anyway.

I think you are a brave woman. The pattern says it is easy, but looks like quite a bit to get your head around (and a lot of stitches) for a fairly new knitter. It is coming along great and I love your yarn. Keep plugging away and you’ll have a beautiful shawl.

That is gorgeous!!! I want to make that now, what a beautiful pattern, and it looks like you’re off to a great start :slight_smile:

:inlove: very pretty!!


WOW, that’s fabulous!! You’re doing a great job!

Lovely! It does look like a beautiful moth, as Jan said.


Its looking great!! I love the color and the pattern. I’m really amazed at your ability - you just started knitting??!!!

:passedout: Amazing! You are doing a wonderful job. Persistence pays off!