How do you....?

…k2 tog.? :think: is confused

If you go to the glossery tab there is a video for k2tog. It’s a decrese where you knit two stitches together. Instead of putting your needle through one stitch, you put them through 2 stitches and knit them like they were one stitch.

Thanks! I was also wondering how to increese a pattern…
preaty please?

For how to increase stitches, shows several ways. To enlarge a pattern, there’s several ways to do it. You can use a larger needle size or figure the number of stitches between the sizes and go up that many more to get the size you want.

I’m still at a loss… I’m using a premie booties pattern… but for a two-year-old

For that you could double your yarn and increase the needle size and see if that’s big enough using the same number of stitches, or maybe double or triple the number of stitches and rows all around.

thanks a lot! I really appreateate your(and every one elses) help.

Also how do you whip stich ,sorry it’s just that I’m very new to kitting.

I promise this is my last question but the pattern for the chunky hip bag here >>>>
how do you do the finishing section? I don’t get what it means by “with front panel and strap: right sides facing and wrong sides together, work sc (along finished outside edge) through both pieces to join.” I’m at a loss, and i want to know if I can just sew it together.

They are asking you to single crochet (sc) the two sides together. This is not hard if you know how to crochet. But I’d say yes, you can just sew them together. You might need to experiment a bit to find a way that looks attractive to you. But that will work.