How do you

Post frameless images? Like the ones where you can put text under them? I need some help.

Are you talking about like this?

I host my pics on and i gives code for posting on message boards and other places. There are other sites too, of course. This is just the one I use.

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:teehee: i figured someone would like that. I could have put a knitting picture up but I haven’t used that one in a while and it makes me chuckle. :smiley:

I needed that after having to take my Geography exam for the 2nd time (because the timer did not come up on my computer screen and I went over by 9 minutes). Only good thing is that I made a better grade the second go-round (with mostly-new questions).

Thanks! :muah:

As Brendajos said you need to have some place to host your photos. I pay for Smugmug, but a lot of people use the free services.

To actually put the photo on here you put the link between the IMG tags.

Thanks guys. I went and signed up for PhotoBucket. It works just fine, see:

also what u can do is if u’re getting the pic off the internet, u can right click it, click “properties” copy the address and then put the [img] tags around it.

Thanks. I didn’t know about that. I think I got it now…

Thanks. I didn’t know about that. I think I got it now…[/quote]

i just figured it out about 10 minutes ago by experimenting :teehee:

Ok, let me try this. Is it ok if I use this, Brendajos?

:happydance: good job! :cheering: :thumbsup:

:happydance: good job! :cheering: :thumbsup:[/quote]

Thank You :thumbsup:

I have one quick thing to add to the whole ‘posting someone else image’ thing.

There is nothing wrong with doing it, but if at all possible, it is best (and polite) to load the picture to photobucket or similar, yourself, so you do not steal the person’s bandwidth.

It’s really simple though, all you do is take that same link you got by going to properties, but copy that into photobucket, via the ‘upload by URL’. Or you can save the image to your computer, and then upload it like normal onto PB.

I doubt people would get bothered over it here, but for the ‘rest’ of the internet (aka the rude part), it might get you in a fair bit of trouble.

:?? how would it be rude, and what is bandwith? :shrug:

(not saying u’re wrong here, i’m just very confused)

I was going to tell you the same thing, but she said it first. Bandwidth is difficult to explain. Take a look at this site.
It shows how much bandwidth each site will allow for a certain price. Everytime someone visits a website they use bandwidth. Every time a photo/image is viewed it counts against their bandwidth that they are paying for. If you take a photo and post it somewhere else without permission you are stealing bandwidth… If you see something that you want to share the best way to handle it is to save it to your own computer and then post it. If it’s something that is unique to that person such as a photo they took or a graphic they created you should also link to their website.

BTW… Amy and Sheldon pay for KH so every time you log in here you are using bandwidth. That’s what it’s for so they expect it, but it might be a problem if you posted KH images elsewhere.

Contrary to popular opinion the internet is not all free for the taking. :shrug:

Basically what happens with the Bandwidth thing, to explain it differently…

images are basically a bunch of code. By putting an address inbetween the img tags, essentially this is what happens.

The picture shows up here. But in order to get that picture here, the Knitting Help. com has to find that code. It looks in the tags, and discovers that the code for that picture is still over on the other computer. So the KH servers go to the other computer servers and grab the code from them.

Another way to talk about Bandwidth is to say it is like paying for advertising on t.v. Every time someone looks up your webpage, you’ve used up one of your credits.

So the KH server’s have used up one of the other webpage’s credits. This can really anger some people because they don’t want you looking at their pictures without there being something in it for them.

And it can also anger the people whose’s server’s have to spend time going to go and get that code. Although you often won’t notice it, it will take longer to get that picture. And you are causing the computers to have to take more time to do a task that really would take much less time if the code for that picture was on the KH server in the first place.

Does that help explain some more why this can really steam some people? And why there are websites, like Flickr, that say you have to use active codes to post pictures that you’ve put on their bandwidth in other places? Essentially they don’t mind you posting Flickr pictures elsewhere, if the person looking at the picture can click on the picture and be brought to the Flickr website of origin.

Hopefully I have not managed to confuse you!

Ok, but is it ok if I save the image to my computer, upload it to PhotoBucket, and then post it?

we’ll i’ve gotta tell u, this is new to me! i never knew any of that b4.

I wish i could say that u haven’t but theres really no need to explain it all again :teehee: . i think i’ve got the gist of it: copying pics is bad, its better to upload (do i have that right? :shrug: )

sorry for teaching u the evil way of doing things ContiKnitter :teehee:
I can assure u that it was all in pure ignorance!

yes :happydance:

When you do that, if you know how to gimp a picture and make it take up less memory it is considered polite to do that.

For example. When I take pictures with my digital camera, the pictures are huge files. I often will resize the picture down so it is smaller than a playing card. Then I will reduce the density of the picture (I think those are pixels). All the pic’s I’ve put on here are at 96 pixels per whatever. You wouldn’t be able to print off a nice looking picture, but you over where every get the idea of what I want to show you!

I am not good at using the proper language to make computer people happy, but am fairly geeky in my layman kind of way :lol: