How do you WRAP a stitch?

I still consider myself a beginner so I’ve never seen this before…In the pattern it says to “wrap next stitch” and turn work. So my question is how do you “wrap” a stitch :?? ??? I tried looking in the glossary hoping that maybe there would be a video :teehee: but i can’t seem to find one unless it’s also called something else. TIA

Look for the “Short Row with Wrap” video under the Advanced Techniques tab! :thumbsup:

THANKS!!! :hug:

May I suggest you also take a look at Japanese Short Rows. To me, it is a much easier way than the ‘short row with wrap’ method. It is much easier to know which loop is the wrap when it comes time to pick up the wrap after all short rows have been done.

Knitqueem, can the Japanese short rows and wrap be used in any pattern that calls for wrapping?

Yes. The link above describes how.

I watched the video on the Japanesee wrapping but I have never done it before and I am wondering what exactly it does and what it is used for? :??

The Japanese method is just another way to make short rows. That’s all. Whenever I’ve attempted the ‘short row with wrap’ method I always have trouble seeing what to pick up on the last row where you knit the wraps with the regular stitches. With the Japanese short rows there’s no question because there’s a pin attached to the exact loop that needs to go onto the needle to close the gap.

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 8:32 am Post subject: confused how to do sleeve from circ to flat

Knitqueen, I am sending this to you because I have not got an answer yet and I see you are on. Someone tried to answer me but when I try to retrieve it I cant get it. I am making a sweater and it calls for straights and I did it with circ. The body was no problem, once I got to the armhole shaping I just divided it in half,put it on straights and worked the front and back separately. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started the sleeve because I was going to do the same thing for the sleeve. Surprise!

My pattern says to bind off for sleeve cap at each side every other row: 4sts 1 time, 3sts 2 times, 2sts 3time and 1 st 1time, then 2sts at each side until the piece measures 56cm and then bind off 3sts at each side 1 time and the 4sts at each side 1 time. Bind off the rem sts.

Thanks to Ingrid I understand how to do the above binding off but I cant divide it in half like I did the body because there will be a separation in the middle of his shoulder. I cant put it on one needle and work it like I was suppose to because it is in the round and wont fit. I cant BO at the beg and knit to the end and BO the end because I cant start the first stitch or I will be closeing the BO. What am I missing?

Oh, one other question. Ingrid said when I worked the front I cast on 2 less stitches(because I was in the round) so when I started my shaping of the neck just do what it said for the BO. But the BO was at the neck edge and when I finished it said to have 33sts left on each shoulder and I had 32sts left so that was perfect. So now that I am going to shape the sleeve cap should I follow the BO instructions or do one less BO on each side at the end so I have the right amount left? I hope I am making sense to you. I am thinking it might be different because I am shaping from the outside edge not the neck edge.

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If you are knitting sleeves in the round, you only do so up to the armhole. Then you have to stop knitting in the round and start knitting back and forth so you will do the bind offs for the ‘shape cap’ just as the pattern tells you to.

How do I take a sleeve in the round and then put it on a straight? The stitches won’t go on because it is in a circle. When I did the body it was easy because I would do the front and then the back but the sleeve is not in two parts. :?? What am I doing wrong?

The best idea would be to use a circular needle for knitting flat, for the first part of the top of the sleeve anyways.

Nothing. The first few rows may be a little tight going from the round to flat knitting. It can help to pinch the cord making a loop, and pull it through the stitches about halfway through the row. That folds up the stitches you’ve done in the round so it’s easier to knit flat.


Thanks I will try it and see what happens. I did this to save time and all it has done is take longer. :grrr: