How do you work pattern as established?

I’m doing the side slip cloche from Boutique Knits, and I am stuck after 3 rows. The pattern says:
Row 1: (RS) [K7, p1] 4 times
Row 2: [K1, p7] 4 times
Row 3: [K5, k2tog, p1] 4 times-28 sts remain
[B]Rows 4, 6, and 8: Work in rib patt as established[/B]
Row 5: [K4, k2tog, p1] 4 times-24 sts remain
Row 7: [K3, k2tog, p1] 4 times- 20 sts remain
Row 9: [K2, k2tog, p1] 4 times- 12 sts remain

How do I do rows 4, 6, and 8?
I’m sure I’m making this way too complicated.

On row 2 you have a k st then some p sts. So for the other WS row, knit what looks like knit sts and purl the purl sts. R 4 will be k1, p6, and since you dec on rows 5 and 7, you’re going to lose one of the p sts on rows 6 and 8.