How do you wind a hank of yarn?

Iknow this question has been asked before… but how do I do it?
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If you watch Amy’s video on winding a center pull ball you’ll be all set.

I watched the video and use the banister to help wind my hanks. Its pretty easy and doesnt take that long.

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Yep, Amy’s video explains it very well. I don’t wrap around as many fingers to start with or as many wraps each time, but the principle still works.

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Another idea, if you have a hubby or BF, teach them how to do it! My Husband winds balls with me while we catch up on tv or just hanging out. He even does it during football games! Mind you, he doesn’t do it absolutely perfect, but he’s doing it!

When I didn’t have a ball-winder, I liked to use a cardboard tube (take it out of a TP roll - BEFORE it’s been near a bathroom!) with a slit cut vertically just an inch or a centimetre down. The loose end went into the slit (this will later become the centre-pull end) and the ball was wound around the tube, then I slid the tube out of the ball at the end. Less fiddly than trying to extract my fingers from a tight ball, and gives more room in the centre to prevent the wool being stretched.