How do you use stitch markers?

I’m interested in making a scarf in the round, but I don’t know how to use stitch markers to mark the place where I start a new row/switch colors. You put it around one of the stitiches, right? or does it just stay on the needle. :?? Needless to say, I am a little confused! :thinking: Thanks!

A stitch marker just goes around your needle and you slip it from one needle to the other as you get to it. So if you use a ring marker, you just slide it on your needle. It goes around with your knitting.

If you don’t have a marker, you can just tie a little loop of contrasting color yarn around the needle where you need a marker.

OH so THATS how you use those little suckers! I have been wondering too! :lol:

That certainly explains a lot. I always thought they were from busted soda pop cans, or something. :roflhard: