How do you twist?

THis looks really nice
and I’m considering making it. But there is this twist at the bottom with htese instructions:

Holding your right needle still, bring the left needle forward, under the edge of the fabric, back and up to meet the right needle. The CO edge and the row you have knit will twist up between the needles and curl down beneath your needle again, so you are ready to keep knitting. When subsequent rows have been knit, this twisted edge forms wavy scallops.

How would you do that? I have no idea what she is talking about.:??:??

The way I think about it is…you know how you strive to not twist your stitches when you’re starting a top down sock on DPNs? Just the opposite of that. :slight_smile:

Another way to describe the motion would be to start with both needles horizontal with the right side facing you. At the point you are supposed to twist, move the needles so they are both vertical with the cast on edge facing each other. Twist the left hand needle toward you 360 degrees and you’ll end up with the work twisted and the working yarn back next to your next stitch.

I imagine you could also twist away from you to get a reverse twist.

Does that help or only confuse more?

that actually makes much more sense. Thanks!