How do you transfer from circular to dpn

I am working on my first hat. For it you start on circular needles and then transfer to dpn while working the decreases and there isn’t enough for the circular needles.

How do I transfer from the circulars to the dpn?


I always transfer on a plain knit row. What I do is finish a decrease row, then figure out how many I want on each DPN. To change I just start knitting with the first DPN, then add the second, and then third at appropriate points. Super easy and one of those things it’s too easy to over think. :thumbsup:

Alternately if you find that hard you can just slip the stitches from the needles onto the DPNs. I prefer the first way because it gets another row out of the way at the same time, but it’s not imperative to do it that way.

i tend to just knit onto the DPNs straight fromt he circular when i find it is geting tight. If it is a row with an even number of stitches then i will divided by three and knitt that number on to each of my needles or i will separate out by decreases (i try not to split a section between decreases over two needles).

Just wanted to add, you don’t actually have to transfer to dpns at all, you can use the magic loop method (video here) and stay on your circ. You need a long-ish, flexible cable on your circ, but it’s a really easy method. :slight_smile:

Or two circs which I prefer. :wink:

Does anyone have any extra DPN’s that they aren’t using, or a duplicate pair? I am in the process of beginning next week to learn to knit. Hats and mittens are something I want to learn and I am not able to get a pair right now, due to just moving and finance’s are in the red for a little while. So, was just wondering IF any had a pair they could spare…? Also, need some circular’s too, if anyone has some they don’t need or use. Sorry to ask and thanks in advance!!

Thanks for everyone’s help, I finished the hat today, it was alot easier than I thought it would be

Does anyone have any extra DPN’s that they aren’t using, or a duplicate pair?

Have you posted to your local FreeCycle or craigslist? (Or checked them for ppl giving such things away?) There may be someone living close to you who has just what you’re looking for.


yes, I have tried to post to my local freecycle, and my message seems to never get posted there. :frowning: Not sure why… I am on SSDI and we just moved from NH to NC, due to my health… That took 2 of my checks to get us here and in a place to rent. I am now paying my Mom back for a car (so hubby can get around to look for a job)… thats why i sked IF anyone had any extra’s laying around…cause we r strapped finacially now. I know alot of times we have things lying around we don’t use, so just figured I’d ask.

Thanks for all suggestions and help.

You may be able to find some at a thrift store for $1 or so.

Hmm, thats a good idea! I will check our Salvation Army and Goodwill… Thanks:)

Also check for church rummage sales, yard/garage sales. Many members of the thrift and frugal groups on Rav report some of their best low-cost, or free, finds, are in places where items have to be sold ‘now’ and you can make an offer.