How do you tell where you are up to on the stockinette stitch?


i am very new at knitting!!

i am doing the stockinette stitch and i left it and came back to it, i have the bumpy side facing up and the flat side facing downwards. what stitch do i do next?? do do purl or knit??


With the work facing you. Bumpy side is made with purl stitches. Smooth V side with knit stitches.

If you stopped in the middle of the row, tug on the working yarn. It should be attached to the stitches on the right needle.

If you’re knitting flat the yarn will only be attached to the right needle if you are in the middle of a row. In stockinette if you are starting a new row the bumpy side is purl, the V or smooth side is knit.

The attached sample of ribbing shows what the stitches look like.