How do you surprise your recipients?

So I am working on a sweater for my mom and I really don’t want her to know anything about what I am doing. And yet, it is hard to make a sweater for someone without all their measurements? What do you all do to ensure the surprise gifts you make end up actually fitting the recipient. OR how do you choose projects that you think the gift receiver will enjoy without telling them what you are doing?

I wanted to start working on my christmas gifts soon. I have a few people I’d really like to make things for. But it is hard to choose things without input or decide on sizes/etc.

Have you thought about “fixing” the tags of people you want to knit for? Or, in your mother’s case, “borrowing” one of her sweaters and taking that measurement?

That is a really good idea for gifts in general. I am going to remember that one. For my mom’s sweater, however, I haven’t seen a particular one that is similar in fit and style.

But that is a SUPER idea for a majority of my gift recipients. Thanks!

I wanted to surprise my sister with a top, too. But, after thinking about it, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to guess at her size for a knit top, I’m not at all familiar with garment knitting, so I just told her I was going to knit a top for her & asked for a top that I could measure. I then told her that I wouldn’t tell her when it was going to be done, that’s as close to a surprise as we could get on that object :smiley: But, I often do socks, which are fairly easy to size, especially if u know the recipient’s shoe size. For other gifts, it’s been hats, scarves, afghans, purses, things that I didn’t have to measure.
Now, if u can sneak in your mom’s house & measure one of her tops…that would be very nice, I think :wink:

how so? do you guesstimate or is there some secret formula I don’t know about???

:smiley: You can just use a chart if u know the person’s shoe size :smiley: