How do you store your yarn?

I’ve been keeping my yarn in plastic rubbermaid containers but was thinking of moving it onto shelves. I was wondering if that’s even a good idea. Should it not be out in the open? I mean, I know my acrylic yarn would be fine, but I wasn’t sure if I should have wool out.

I keep some of mine in a nice armoire that is kept open. Then I have two hanging fabric shelving units hang in my craft room closet. I also have some woven baskets with other yarns in them. :woohoo:

I don’t have a lot of yarn at the moment, but I’m thinking that the clear rubbermaid type containers on shelves would be a good way to go.


I keep all of my yarn in Palstic ( Like Rubbermaid ) container’s that I buy at JoAnn’s Fabrics.[/COLOR][/B]

I plan on keeping mine in hanging closet organizers which you can find at places like IKEA. Or willow baskets on shelves. I con’t have a lot of room for plastic bins, we have a small place.

Mine is in a large multi-drawer plastic unit on wheels that I can pull in and out of my spare closet. The drawers are clear so I can see what’s in what drawer!

I have some in a 3 drawer cart chariot (that’s the name on the front :teehee:)…the rest is on shelves in my closet…

I also use Rubbermaid containers. Big ones. I have a big stash (OK, I adopted a lot of it). However, if I want yarn that is A) still in it’s skeins or balls B) not covered in cat hair and C) not used as cat toys (see A) then it HAS to be contained.

Altough lately it seems as though I am storing a lot of my yarn on needles :slight_smile:

Oh, I have one of those for some of my scrapbooking supplies. Great idea!

Currently I have it in a large multi-drawer plastic unit on wheels, a couple 3-drawer units on wheels and in plastic bags in a basket. Plus of course, all the WIPs are in various knitting bags.

In the near future [SIZE=1](once DD12 bedroom is finished)[/SIZE], I am turning a spare bedroom [SIZE=1](DS13 old room)[/SIZE] into a “craft” room. :woot: I have some bookcases that I’d like to find nice baskets to put the yarn in. I still plan on keeping the yarn in plastic bags though.

I say “craft” room because I only knit and crochet. I did buy a sewing machine to line a bag I knitted.

I’m still trying to decide on the room setup. If I want wood floors or new carpet, what color, etc. Any ideas, tips, suggestions?!

Because of my daughters young cat I had to rearrange some of my yarn. I do keep the wool in sealed large Ziploc bag and the acrylics and cottons are in one of those rolling drawer carts from Target.

I did have some on a bookshelf and in one of those hanging, multi tiered, stuffed animal things you can get from Ikea, but the kitten got into it. I really liked being able to see it though. Yarn is pretty!

This is a great question. I too store my yarns in large rubber-maid type containers which are up on closet shelves. I DO wish they were a little more accessible, but I also worry about moths. Has anyone here had trouble with them?

I once bought a drop spindle - at a fair in Woodstock, NY, I think - some cleaned fleece, and spun a medium sized ball of wool (which I was very proud of!). I put in in a ‘baggie’ with a twister seal. Many months later, I took it out to show someone, and it had holes in it (eaten right through the ball, as well as through the thin plastic bag it had been kept in). I haven’t spun wool since :frowning: and I wonder/worry about moth larvae with my wool yarns.

Any thoughts?

I like to think that I keep my yarn in clear plastic drawers and boxes.

My cleaning lady would probably tell you that I keep my yarn strewn about the living room.:mrgreen:

:noway: I’m not sure… I think I’ve heard that freezing it for a few weeks kills moths and larvae, but not sure. :??

I keep some of my yarn in plastic rubber maid bins. I also have the hanging organizer from Ikea and an old bin of some sort that was converted into a table I found at an estate sale. Funny I didn’t think I had a really large stash until I started thinking about all the places I keep my yarn!:teehee:

I keep mine in storage containers which are currently in my attic. I think my stash has outgrown the 3 containers that I have, so after we move I want to get some more. Storage AND yarn!:slight_smile: I like PP’s idea of a rolling storage thing. I think I’ll either do something like that or hanging storage, because our new house has lots of closets so I can have a “yarn closet”. Yay!

For sure, in clear plastic zippered bags. One bag for each bunch of yarn. Smaller bags can hold up to 12 skeins of the same yarn usually. Medium bags can hold 18-30 of the same yarn usually. Some bags hold several types of yarn gonna be used for the same project.

The bags are in a yarn closet, a wicker trunk and my favorites are in knitting bags all around me. I call them my “ladies in waiting”.

I am a very lucky person, in that we have a 2 1/2 bedroom house for just me and Dh (and the 2 cats) when we moved in our second bedrooom with walk-in closet became “my” room. first it was sewing, books, library, then became “all my things crafty” room. We have a futon and tv for guests, but everything else is for me. one wall full of bookshelves, and everything else including the closet (about 8x6 or so I am so lucky!) is mine. In the closet I have ceiling to floor shelves that hold the zippered bags of yarn , and also ceiling to floor target plastic drawers with all of the other yarn and fabric. In the room itself is a nice antique writing desk that has my sewing machine ontop, and all of the drawers hold my various notions.
I also am lucky in that I have found some wonderfully designed hatboxes that go with our living room decor, so all of my favorite yarn and wips are right there in the living room without too much fuss from DH. I HIGHLY recommend finding some nice boxes that have lids for your living areas to hold your yarn for when you want/need it but don’t want to show it off so much

I usually store my yarn in the 5th dimension and have fairies retrieve it for me when I need it.

:hmm: Could you tell me how to go about getting such a system, Mason? My house is cluttered as it is and your way sounds pretty darn handy.