How do you store your yarn?

Do you make your hanks into balls right away? Or is it better to leave them as hanks, or does it not matter?

I leave them as hanks until I’m ready to knit with them. You could do either one, though.

me too and i store them in ziplock bags

I leave it in hanks because it’s less stress and pulling on the fibers. If it didn’t come in a hank, I leave it in whatever form the yarn came in wether skein or ball. I toss it in one of my two 18-gal rubbermaid yarn totes to wait until I want to use it.

i leave them as is until i am going to use them, then i make centerpull balls. i think i read somewhere that your yarn can get stretched if it is in a ball for too long :shrug: the winding can sometimes be too tight.

I leave my yarn as I buy it, especially since I LOVE the way yarn looks when it’s in a hank. I have these cloth bins in my closet which I keep my yarn in. I also have an unfinished wood treasure chest which I got at A.C. Moore. I keep all my unique and favorite yarn it it.


I store my yarn in those hanging shoe baskets and laundry baskets, and I have closets full of them.

If you find balls much easier to store, I’d say just make sure it is wound loosely, maybe even too loosely. I wind from the swift, first time is tight, then again at least once from the centre-pull ball. But I like using my ball-winder.


So do I.